Hey there :wave:

I’m Răzvan and I’m deeply intrigued by two phenomena: learning and humans.

Complex systems such as human interaction, communities, networks and the world economy, among others, fascinate me. This drives my commitment to improve my understanding of how they work, where they fail and how they can be improved. In the grand scheme of things, I believe that this holistic perspective ought to give me the ability to identify future trends. Over the past two years, I focused on researching the industrial sector, the Fintech industry and Blockchain technology as well as other emerging technologies to gain insights and broaden my knowledge.

As my Myers–Briggs Personality Type (INFJ-A) suggests :mage:t3:, nothing lights me up like creating a solution that changes people’s lives. Over the past two years, I have been actively involved in educating people on the impact of technology on financial services by delivering weekly fintech-focused lectures. Similarly, I took an active role in educating people on how to evaluate the viability of public industrial companies based on performance and ethical factors.

I put great value on mental health, which is why I have been raising awareness and funds about men’s mental health over the past two years with the biggest chunk of my activity being undertaken in late autumn.

In my spare time, I find joy in travelling :flight_departure:, exploring Asian cuisine :curry:, reading a good book :closed_book:, losing myself in endurance running :running_man:t3: and would love to become a better squash player :man_cartwheeling:t3:.

I am eager to meet you all!

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