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Hello Pynksters :wave:

As you know, Pynk is built on the foundation of reducing bias. So it’s important that the team and crowd are equally diverse. During our research to help us get better at this, we found out some shocking facts about the underrepresentation of women in the financial world. We think this needs to change.

But the question is: How?

We started by creating a short animated clip that shows just a few of the shocking truths behind women’s representation in investing and finance.

Ultimately, we’d like to start supporting some charities that help women and young girls who are facing financial hardship, or support them towards working in our industry.

So, here are our questions for the great Pynk think tank!

  • What do you think of the video? Bearing in mind the subject matter, do you feel it deals with the subject sensitively, whilst highlighting the issue?
  • What do you think are the best ways that we can promote and instill a fully diversified work force?
  • Do you think supporting the issue of helping women facing financial hardship is a just cause for us? Is there a reason you think we shouldn’t champion this cause?

We’d be delighted to hear what our community thinks - feel free to be brutally honest. Together we can try make a difference :slightly_smiling_face:



The video is spot on @Al_Wallace . It was done in a sensitive and easy to relate manner. We need to just keep getting the word out that Pynk is hiring and gear those messages towards women (just like your video). I will have to do some research on worthy causes to help women and young girls facing financial hardship, but yes! Definitely worth supporting!


Thank you @KarenM glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Hello @Al_Wallace ,
watched the video at work, without sound. Not sure where you will use the video, but in my case
the sentence “pynk is for girls” disappeared so fast that I noticed the word “girls” only after I watched that for the second time. Maybe add a few milliseconds after that word.
Second, I don’t know what is ISA… If you play this video to non-native English speakers, maybe spell the whole “saving account” instead of that abbreviation.

I don’t have much to add regarding the question How.
Maybe some video interviews with female coworkers at pynk could be one way. How about reaching female top predictors within the pynk app for an interview?
Why are they interested in stock market?
When did they realize that the numbers or investing is what interest them? Why did they join pynk?
Do they have any economy background or learning while using this app?

I just checked my small finance blog. From the visitors that wrote to me in the past two years, only about 20% were females.
So it’s nice to see this topic being open here at pynk.


Thank you @Marek for those insights.

I’ll feed the ISA comment back to the graphics team and we’ll think about how we can use your other ideas in the future for this campaign.

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The video is alright, but I wouldn’t say it’s extraordinary. Good first step I’d say.

More content created by and for women is needed. We can’t address the gender inequality issue from a man’s perspective, which is usually the way it goes.

And now that I think about it, basically, the rest of Pynk’s videos out there featuring people, feature Pynk’s founders - which has been great - but how about featuring women as well?

Empower women within Pynk and let them shape this initiative.


I agree very much with this!

Here the issue:
In my opinion in this case, female absence is not due to exclusion on purpose but out of free choice or most probably misinformation or false bias toward investment world.

I had the chance to speak in some occasion to some of my female friend about investments and such and I noticed that there is actually a mental barrier, a sort of fear or feeling of trowing their money away by the act of investing etc…

Also we have to consider that in movies, investors are always rapresented by men.

This is why I think that introduce real women that live upon investing could be a most effective way to dismantel that mental barrier also pointing out the fact that Pynk is a risk free environment and you can only gain and learn by partecipating.

In any case the video is nice and in general I find the cause is noble. I always been for gender equality. :muscle::fire::fire::fire:


Al, another thing that just came in my mind is that you could grant a status of Brand Ambassador to all women using Pynk or at least to those who use it more often… :trophy:


Hello @mosigman, thank you for your honest feedback.

I agree with you on the point that many of our videos have featured Seth and Rupert. However, we also have almost all of our equity research content made by Pouneh. The video itself was created by a female Pynkster, one of our amazing creative team - 50% of which are women. A lot of our newer video content will also feature Pouneh, director of the Thesis Portfolio. Our social media manager is also a woman, who has worked with charities in the past that help women struggling with financial issues. She is standing ready to chat to any comments we receive when we drop this video on social media. :slightly_smiling_face:

But you’re right, we should (and will) do more to increase the gender diversity of our team. That’s why we finished the video with a comment about not being able to change by staying where you are.

What would be your thoughts on improving the video? Maybe some more stats regarding inequalities faced by women in investing and finance?


I think the video is short, and as mentioned by @Marek, it goes by quite fast. Maybe slow it down, include more statistics on the inequalities, and possibly foreshadow a bit of what Pynk is doing and will do to adress the problem.

It’s nice to know that @pb1 will be featured in the upcoming videos. That’s the kind of content I had in mind in my last post. Pouneh is one of Pynk’s greatest assets, and more exposure will certainly help this cause.


Thanks @mosigman, i’ll pass this to the creative team :slight_smile:


I think most of us didn’t know there are so many women employed by Pynk. Pouneh, we are aware of from all of her posts. Where are these other women hiding and why? They should be featured in videos and posting everywhere that Pynk is.


Really great to see Pynk supporting this subject! :fist:

I personally liked the video but can see some areas for improvement:

0:07 - The infographic used to represent the data could be better. If the video was to have a number of men and women icons to represent the difference I think the message would come across stronger.

0.17 - I’m not sure what other people’s take on this will be, however, I think the percentages are so close to a third that the numbers should be replaced with a female and two male icons on the scales. The wording “only a third” is used already and I think for the purpose of a video it would be better to emphasise the information with pictures for consistency.

I think using the female gender symbol ♀️ somewhere in the clip could also be a nice touch. Whether that be as a transition or used with the text at some point…

The suggestions above by the community are brilliant as well and I completely agree with all of the points mentioned! :+1:

  • In regards to how it comes across, it’s honest and truthful at the end of the day which is what people need to see.

  • Perhaps allowing for opportunities where women can get exclusive work experience or be involved in projects/competitions with Pynk is a good way to go. This in turn could help with your second point, as I believe people will be wanting to get involved in a company that they can see demonstrates corporate responsibility.

  • Helping women facing financial hardship fits in to a few of the UN’s Sustainability goals which supports this being a just cause even further. It is mainly the link between the women and the financial sector which is most concerning and with Pynk constantly breaking new ground I think this is a worthy cause! :blush:

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