Will microchip implants be the next big thing in Europe...or the World?

Recently i´ve came across an EuroNews article in which i could learn about some microchips implants under the skin of the people´s hand which can function as contactless credit card, key card and even rail card.

Recently thousands of Swedes have been pioneering the use of those futuristic microchips that are implanted under their skin. Despite not being new news because the idea of those implants came from some years ago, it seems that there is a recent trend among young people regarding this and seems to be well acepted by those who already use them. However for many people, the idea of carrying a microchip in their body feels more dystopian than practical.

Will this be a disruptive technology for the near future? Are you willing to implant those kinds of microchip in your own hand? I can see a wide range of use cases for those chips however from some points of view this can be bad. What do you think?


Yo Deyner!! Frirst of all I hope all is going well with the hurricane passing trough Cuba…stay safe mate!!
Secondly…in this regard it’s been litterally years that I am hearing conspiracy theories about underskin chip plants.

What to say…in a way it could be a first step for merging humans with machines, it could be a first step to let human beings become the source of energy for powering machines, blockchains (there is actually a microsoft project about this going around from some time).

Elon with one of his companies (can’t remember the name if someone can enlighten my mind please remember for me the the name) is developing nanoscale tech to connect our brain with AI, the net and so on…

I mean, there are already many levels and degrees of chip plants that in the future could be carried inside us…

Do I like the idea? Yes and No.

Yes because it could for real bring us to another step of our evolution. It could make our lives easier under many aspects, we could also keep under constant control our health and keep us safe from many deseases.

No because…we don’t know how to manage this…the worst is we should learn how to manage this when we will be already “in the game”. Sounds a bit scary.
The idea of being constantly under control from something outside me myself…don’t really like this.
By carring on into you a chip made basically from a company, does that mean that a pieca of you is litterally OWNED by that company? Do you like the idea of you being property of a company?
Not that today it is not so…it is so but it is not so manifested…but…that’s on whole new level!!


I can see advantages and disadvantages of human microchipping. We have the option here to get your pet microchipped, which is nice of they get lost. As for humans, I think may people believe we are being’ watched’ already and would never go for this idea. On the other hand, there is the convenience factor. I can see this being optional for humans, but never accepted by everyone…btw @Tradelta, Elon"s company you are referring to is Neuralink…


That was my thinking when i previously told “I can see a wide range of use cases for those chips however from some points of view this can be bad” …tracking you is ONE of those points of view where the use of implanted microchips can be really bad.


Yes!!! That’s exactly the one i was referring to…it happened that I had the time to watch the lecture Elon gave when they launched it and i was a little bit “WOOOOOOOOW” … alittle bit “WTF!!!” and a little bit scaried from the overall implications of such a tech.
Thanl you Karen for enlighetening us about the name!


I was always kind of a fan of Ray Kurzweil’s way of thinking - that eventually there would be a sort of symbiosis of human and machine, [using what he called a neocortex connection. Kurzweil previously predicted that part of this reinforcement would come from nanobots

We are already indirectly enhanced by tech through our mobile devices, computers etc and the prevalence of nanotechnology will create an opportunity to interface with the cloud with slightly less invasive technology than the ones that they have been using in Sweeden. Rather than having a chip implanted, one would simply receive an injection which would contain nanobots which could potentially provide all kinds of positive benefits for us.

You probably wouldn’t want to be the first one to try it admittedly - as with anything, wait until they’ve perfected the tech. :grin:


Nanobots… :robot:

…i guess they could help better people to achieve a huge amounts of things from preventing diseases or cure those that you already have to help you control other tech devices…it is an amazing technology and agree with you @Al_Wallace, they´re better than that one tested in Sweeden because that one is a microchip only although it has its advantages too.

The point here is that merging humans with machines is somehow starting, being a microchip or nanobots i think this is somehow the future for human race and as always, those steps will need to be very well calculated as those technologies always have supporters and detractors.


interesting video about visual displays (the contact lens is amazing) but has quite an interesting bit about neural implants at the end.