Who is using official APP to reach Pynk Community? *How To*

Hello Pynksters,

Not many of us very fond of laptops anymore, actually %78 of Pynksters usually engages with Pynk on mobile phones.

So today I want show you a great way to engage with the community hassle free, via official app.

This brilliant platform is designed by Discourse, so let’s download their app.

IOS - Discourse Hub by Discourse

Android - Discourse Hub by Discourse

Once you download it, you need to setup pynk inside the app, which is super easy.

Add community.pynk.io :+1:


I love my laptop…maybe I’m old :crazy_face:

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Well, yes @Al_Wallace because you have a brand new laptop! I use my Android phone. I don’t get the need to go thru Discourse. Unless I’m missing something?

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APP is a bit more easier than browser, you don’t have to sign in everytime, layout a bit more user friendly. It cheers me up better that way :smiley:


yeah I started using it, works well :+1: