Which device are you most commonly using to interface with the Pynk Community?

Hello Pynksters :wave:

To help our dev team understand our users tech habits better, please answer the quick poll below - feel free to leave a comment about which is your preferred browser (or just about whatever you’d like really :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Which device are you most commonly using to interface with the Pynk Community?
  • Desktop
  • Mobile / Browser
  • Mobile / App
  • Tablet

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Easy to flick through on mobile browser & read topics, although if it comes to writing up a topic or replying in length, then it’s got to be on the laptop (clunky finger syndrome on the phone! :woozy_face:)


Haha, same @stackem, I’m a like an elephant playing the piano. :upside_down_face:


I think is much easier to navigate in app.


I tend to check out the Community at the same time as I do my Predictions (and other Trading ‘housekeeping’), so will normally be at my desktop for that so as to access my charts on a dual-screen setup.

Sometimes, bigger really is better! :laughing:


I usually access the Community through the web version on desktop PC and Laptop and, occasionally, on my mobile phone.

Tested Discourse App (Android) a while ago and it seems better than web version, with a layout a bit more user friendly; but to be honest, when dealing with forum managing tasks it is easier for me to work with the web version on a big screen …well, at least bigger than my mobile phone screen :slight_smile:


I use Discourse app on mobile and web version on laptop (mozilla firefox) pretty much the same amount.
But if I’m going to write a longer post I’ll use laptop for sure.

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