What's the most valuable thing you've learnt from being part of the Pynk crowd so far?

I don’t know anything about artificial intelligence, and because I was part of the community I started to learn about it.
The ROSE AI article motivated me to investigate more on the subject.
Thanks for that.


I’m just 18 y/o and I haven’t any idea how investment works and how to make investment decisions. But I’m very proud to get involve in pynk. Well, I knew a lot of things involving in pynk. I haven’t any idea of crowd wisdom, people powered investment, rather I didn’t know anything. But pynk taught me the thing that I barely could know in another platform. Pynk is a path for my success.


Well, the first thing I learnt was that Pynk Ai, is a legitimate bona-fide unicorn company based out of London ( my hometown… Up the Gooners!) They are looking to shake up the current banking system by providing educational products that overtime will encourage small retail investors to partake in the financial markets without having to attempt to jump over what can seem like insurmountable requirements.

Their main aim is to attract millennial investors and the underbanked by lowering the threshold of the current financial system with fun and educational activities that demystifies the various services available to investors in the markets.

I learnt that the only obstacle to my current situation is the lack of financial and educational knowledge which has deliberately been witheld, and continues to deny millions. The route into the financial system is not difficult to understand. Infact, it’s just a mat
ter of regular, focused attempts to secure value by investing intelligently in oneself via education.

The more one learns about money and finance can, but only help to influence others around you… Before you know it, your network has become the vehicle to propel all your hopes and dreams… Not your over taxed paypacket.


Being a Pynkster means taking part in financial forecasts in an environment that is risk-free. As Pynk is growing many great minds are stepping and becoming part of it which will make a big giant source of information in the coming future (this is what i think).

There are many things that I found out and learned from PYNK source like learned and get to know a few good project that is also a startup. With the introduction of community form, I guess they have stepped up one level up. There are many great minds working on the internet so bring them all at a place and sharing everyone’s ideas and input is the mean idealogy of community form and that i think is a +plus for every pynkster.

The Excites for me when I found PYNK was that I stopped searching for any other project since then. There is a reason and that is I believed in the project and the team behind it.

It is still too early to say that Pynk has enhanced my life but it is true that I learned allot after being part of it.


That the crowd is right a lot.


Pynk is a best platform for providing the education with profit.
I have involving in different works in past but not any platform provides supports like the way pynk do.
I appreciated this as booster for next decade in economy growth.


It’s always fun to see what the average is after I put in my forecast! All of these bears out there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But really it’s a great community with lots of active pynksters. I wish there was a better way to see what rose.ai was thinking and a way to predict the 1 day but also 7 day BTC forecast.


In general, since I’m only a newbie here, I can say that so far, I’m enjoying being part of this team. Thumbs up for Pynk! :slight_smile: