What is your favourite FFM asset? 🗠

We know it can be hard to pick just one, with so many amazing assets to choose from in the Pynk Fantasy Fund Manager but which is your favourite? :sunglasses:

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Ethereum, with a return of +800% over the past 12 months


Agreed. Cryptocurrency in general is far too under represented, …imho.

Clearly, US regs & UK/European Regs are …not on the same page…(?) …as far as Crypto is concerned. But…living in the US, …in terms of ‘insanely restrictive,’ I’d say the US takes the cake! Maybe not! That’s just my perception.

But, given that perception, I’d say that those Cryptocurrencies sufficiently vetted by the SEC & have survived intact …would, at least, be worth consideration.

For example: Tezos (XTZ) – independent from the Ethereum Network, Staking (or ‘Baking’) at a 5-7% APY that compounds every 3-5 days, after ~40 days from first buy-in. Any ICO issues from when Tezos first launched have been settled with the SEC. It’s growth has been ~astronomical over the past 5 years… And the ‘buy-in’ price, or $/XTZ, is much more attractive for those new to crypto than …~$58,000+ per 1 BTC… If I were unfamiliar with Crypto…$58,000 would be a ~bit intimidating.

& For another example: Polygon (MATIC) – this fairly recent ally to the Ethereum Network seeks to increase TPS through a multi-prong approach. And, seeks to enable Network to Network Interoperability w/o disrupting the protocols unique to whichever Network it interfaces with. If ETH is destined to dethrone BTC, then MATIC will play a key role in making it happen. Its ‘buy-in’ price is very reasonable…at the moment anyhow…as it has just been given the green light for Coinbase, and for the day, its price is ~$0.47/MATIC, or ~ +45% on the day…and that’s sitting not too bad because it rocketed way beyond $0.47 some ~2-3hrs ago…

There are many more unique Cryptocurrencies on the market that are quite promising. I think it would be a major missed opportunity if the crypto-assets on Pynk were to remain limited to ETC, EOS, BNB, BTC, & LTC…


in my FFM the winner is BNB, gain in one year 1500%

In the past I suggested TSMC for stock, they have had some good times recently:


Copper is my favourite from commodity section, it had a great run over the past year :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Where, oh where is cocoa and coffee? world does not go round properly without expresso in the morning and chocolate in the afternoon


I would generally agree with that; I haven’t tracked performance in some time, …but…? It’s Coffee …& Cocoa…(?) What alternatives are there (…besides Whiskey & PCP)…?

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