What does the future hold for the US Economy?

Came across an interesting graphic depicting the biggest economies in the world ranked in order of GDP.

Some interesting takeaways there. Most notably the fact that 40 years ago, China wasn’t even in the top 10 and now rank number 1!

What’s your thoughts on this one folks? Any surprises in there for you?


Very interesting graph @Al_Wallace. But if I’m reading correctly, China was #2 20 yrs ago. It was 1980 that they didn’t make the list. I hope the US decline can be turned around, but I have a feeling China won’t go away easily!


Haha yeah sorry you’re right enough 🤦🏼 I’ve lost 20 years somewhere haha


Incredible what China and India have done in relation to GDP, and in a relatively short time.

Also very ilustrative about the resilience of smaller nations like Japan and Germany, they have a remarkable output in relation to their size