We've added a new optional meta-question to the prediction tool!

Hola Amigos :wave:

Quick update, to let you know we’ve added a new ‘meta-question’ to the prediction tool. Now, after you complete your daily prediction, you’ll be asked to make a call on what you think the crowd might predict on that asset. This is an optional question but completion will bag you a tasty 100 CPs!

Why? If we are able to pinpoint users who believe the crowd will think one way despite believing the final asset price will be different, then that will add more weight to the predictions of that user! Simples

You can read more about that here:

Thoughts and feedback appreciated as always Pynkstars!


I noticed this when I had about 3 minutes left to predict over 5 assets earlier! :rofl: :rofl:

Panic tapping ensued :grin:

Great idea, I guessed this was the reason creating more data points for ROSE to weight predictors.

I’ll give myself more time tomorrow :woozy_face:


The new method is simple. For a given question, people are asked two things: What they think the right answer is, and what they think popular opinion will be. The variation between the two aggregate responses indicates the correct answer.

Really be interesting to see any results from this @ZackofPynk in a few months.


This is super interesting indeed!! I had fun today in trying to catch even the average of the crowd! :smile:


Sounds like a fun idea! We’re used to answering this type of question from some of the forecast questions so it should be very similar with predictions. Happy predicting everyone!


Good idea!
This temporary innovation or on constant?


really enjoying this one too. How are you finding it so far…i find the crowds’ predictions are generally less adventurous than mine (maybe that’s why my predictions are so bad :joy:)

I remember the good old days when your prediction placing couldn’t have 4 figures in it :sweat_smile:


@DenzelEtherio the meta-question will remain in place for now. It’s an extra bit of fun to guess the crowd average and is totally optional. So let’s see how it goes. As always we are happy to hear your feedback on it.

I find that it makes me really think about my predictions a lot more so will hopefully improve predictions over time…I mean, mine couldn’t get much worse I guess :joy:


Loving the additional prediction option! Like @Al_Wallace said, mine are sometimes way off from the crowd! Rose can have a field day with this!!!


So far, my crowd average has been very close to the actual crowd average. Are our minds connected or something? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I love this new feature and I am eager to see the results that will come from it.


We might have to start calling you kaabayahayAI


Great :smiley: This will surely help user be better predictor :slight_smile: