We just welcomed our 50,000th user! Roll on 100K! πŸš€

50000 - Pynksters

Hello Pynksters! :wave:

It gives me enormous pleasure to announce that we reached a milestone today!

50,000 hard-working Pynksters, from all across the globe!

Thanks to each and every one of you. You guys rock! :metal:

For those who would like to join the party on Pynk Social media to show some Pynkter love :heart:

:white_check_mark: Facebook :white_check_mark: Instagram :white_check_mark: Twitter :white_check_mark: Linkedin


Next stop - 100K

Let’s go! :rocket:


Love this! Thanks to each and every one of you for your ongoing support in building a new model for collaborative finance, let’s do this!


Pynk has come a long way from way back when I joined. Congrats to the entire team! Your hard work and dedication shows.


1.000.000 I belive!!!

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