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Hello Pynksters :wave:

We’d like to tell you today about something a little special Team Pynk has been working on, something we’re all pretty excited about - we call it Meryt Protocol.

But first, let’s go back to the start…

Three years ago, when we first decided to start Pynk, our vision was to create crowd-powered, meritocratic financial solutions to track and manage investments, backed by a cryptocurrency. A system where people were given rewards and decision-making power not for their race, religion, sexuality or demographics, but by the effort they put in. A system that allowed all users, regardless of wealth or education level to be valued as part of a system that encouraged active participation.

But we found the technology wasn’t quite there. We wanted to create something with seamless UX, that allowed users to exchange resources and generate value on the blockchain, even if they didn’t have the technical know-how to do so. A sort of ‘Squarespace for DeFi’, if you like. So we decided to put it on the back burner.

Flash forward 3 years, and we feel the time is right to bring our initial concept back to life…

Meet the Meryt Protocol :tada::champagne::clinking_glasses:

Meryt aims to grow into a self-sustaining, self-governing organism, where the decision-making power resides in the hands of people contributing their skills, time, and money, generating value for themselves and the wider network while earning reputation. That reputation will help guide the level of decision-making power they have in the network, with each interaction between users taking place using the Meryt Token ($MRT).

What does this mean for Pynk? Pynk will continue to make strides forward, rewarding its users for making predictions, challenging you with the Fantasy Fund Manager, and pushing on with our busy roadmap ahead of us for 2021. So don’t worry, your favourite people-powered predictions platform will continue to go from strength to strength. In fact the introduction of the Meryt protocol will bring benefits to legacy users of the Pynk product - although Meryt and Pynk are to be run as separate bodies, early adopters and our hardest working Pynksters will be rewarded with tokens and much more.

How can I get involved in the short term? :fire::heart:

There are lots of opportunities to come from Meryt, so we’d advise you to keep a close eye on it. You could start by being one of the early contributors in their social media platforms and be the first to hear as their exciting story develops:

Shape up the Meryt journey here :point_down:

Best Wishes,

Team Pynk / Zack


There are so many huge news that I’m lost for words!
Be right back


After some reading and thinking, I see every feature of Pynk in Meryt and most features of Meryt in Pynk.

So it looks like Pynk as an app can perfectly transition into dApp on Meryt in the future.

When there was a question few weeks ago about whether or not you should introduce a token, I answered no because I didn’t see a real need for it.
But Meryt protocol adds much more possibilities and makes decentralisation story much wider so adding a token seems very necessary.

P.S. In a world where torrent sites/forums are legal, they would benefit from Meryt since crowd is from all over the world and they always need new tools to make their site and content quality better in every segment.


Thanks and :100: @predictor :raised_hands:


@ZackofPynk - the idea that decision making power resides in the hands of ppl contributing their skill, time and money…makes a novice like me interested, learn and in future earn too…

More power to Meryt and Teampynk…Thank you.


Thanks @raseshtalati, great to have you onboard :raised_hands:

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