Very important information regarding KYC!

Hello Pynksters, :wave:

Many of our global users have already passed and started the process of withdrawing their earnings. That being said, we are aware that many users are experiencing issues with KYC, and we are trying hard to help each of you. So we decided to create this forum section to allow Pynksters to help each other. Please feel free to leave your issues here and, more importantly, please try and help other Pynksters where you can. Please keep it civilised, do not reveal any personal information or documentation and let’s work together to get everyone through this

We are a UK company registered with the FCA as an appointed representative, and absolutely cannot pass people who do not have the appropriate ID, have committed criminal offences or are associated with any known terrorist groups.

KYC remains a legal requirement for us. If you cannot provide the KYC at this time you may need to wait until a regulatory solution is found in your region. To be clear, depending on your jurisdiction, this may take several months.

The list of documents that we accept as a PoA (proof of address) is non-exhaustive.


Generally, users can submit one of the following:

  • Utility bill, e.g. a gas bill, electricity bill, or water bill
  • Bank statement
  • Tax assessment
  • Mortgage statement
  • Certificate of voter registration
  • Correspondence with a government authority regarding the receipt of benefits such as a pension, unemployment benefits, housing benefits, etc.
  • Cable bill (but not from satellite TV companies).
  • Landline telephone bill

The following documents can also be accepted as a valid PoA, but only if they contain an individual’s full name and address, and have not been used as the submitted ID :

  • Passport
  • Identity card
  • Driving license

Not accepted:

  • Screenshots
  • Mobile phone bills
  • Medical bills
  • Receipts for purchases
  • Insurance statements
  • Documents stating PO Box addresses
  • Any document that has been edited or altered digitally or otherwise.
  • Forgeries

Please do not spam unaccepted documents to our KYC provider or your application will be blocked. Please do not reach out to customer services to tell them that you do not have the required ID as this is not an issue they can assist you with.

Our commitment to getting as many of you through the KYC process as quickly and easily as possible remains absolute and our CS team are working night and day to help with this. We are, as always, here to help.

Al and the CS team. :+1:

For further detail on completing your KYC successfully, please see the tutorials below:

:white_check_mark: Proof of address: HOW TO: Submit your proof of address documentation

:white_check_mark: Selfie: HOW TO: Upload your selfie

:white_check_mark: Your ID documents: HOW TO: Upload your ID document


@Al_Wallace - Thank you so much for this - i think this will help a lot of pynksters. Great going team pynk


Good information, since in the telegram group in Spanish there are members who have had problems to pass the KYC. I proceed to send this information to the telegram chat. Thank you so much.


Hello @Rosada.

I am not sure exactly what you mean:

If you mean something about sharing personal information in the Pynk Spanish language Telegram group, please do not do that. For your personal data security.

If you mean you would like to share the link to the KYC helper above. I will ask @deyner1984 to post that link, so our users know it comes from us.

Thank you for your support!


No te preocupes AI_Wallace, mis datos personales no los publico en ningún chat, lo que hice fue copiar el enlace de lo publicado por ustedes y pegarlo en el chat, con el fin de ayudar a que la información llegue a la comunidad Pynk, en vista de que he notado que son muchos los que no acceden al blog de la comunidad, quizás por problemas con el idioma, y no se enteran de los avances realizados por ustedes para lograr que la aplicación logre su desarrolle y llegue a más personas. Pero por lo visto, parece que fue un error mío haber querido ayudar y por tal motivo no volverá a suceder.


Thanks @Rosada :+1: You posted the link in Spanish Telegram Group…there is nothing wrong with that. I was about to do it yesterday when realized you take advantage and posted first :slight_smile: It was not a mistake on your side at all. You did right so thank you for that! Btw…we are about to open a place here, inside our forum, to allow spanish speaking people to express themselves…will let you know when this spot it is available.

Gracias @Rosada :+1: Posteaste el link en cuestión en el Grupo de Telegram en Español…y no hay nade de malo o incorrecto en ello. Yo estaba a punto de hacerlo cuando me di cuenta que ya lo habías hecho tú…así que no habia necesidad de repetirlo :slight_smile: No fue para nada un error de tu parte. ¡Hiciste bien así que te agradezco por ello! A propósito…pronto queremos abrir un espacio aquí dentro del foro para que los hispanohablantes pueden expresarse en su propio idioma…les informaremos tan pronto tengamos disponible este espacio.


Thank you Deyner.
Gracias :relieved:


Hello admin thanks for the chance, I tried the kyc for the first time and it failed because of documentation especially the proof of address, and then I was blocked from the kyc.I contacted support and explained why and my issue was resolved and I was unblocked, during this time I managed to a statement of account from zenith bank which had my name and address, so I tried passing the kyc this time and when I tried submitting it just showed a message that an error had occurred and I was blocked for the second time. I have contacted support and am still waiting for a response. Just though I should share, any suggestion would help


@Iyolibo Please do not share personal details about your KYC application here, it is for your own security.

The one and only place we can help you with individual KYC issues is at

Pynk community is a place for discussion, collaboration and ideas. Please allow us to support you via the appropriate channel. Bear in mind our small customer support team are dealing with a huge amount of KYC and other issues, so please be patient.

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