(UPDATE) Trust Level settings were updated! Read here for more info

Hi there Pynkster! :wave:

Just in case you didn´t know Discourse forums use a system called “Trust Levels” which are a way of sandboxing new users into community …and grant experienced users more rights over time.

As our forum is built on top of Discourse systems those concepts fully apply here too. We have 5 Trust Levels(TL), from 0 to 4 working together to allow people to gain experience while they are creating topics, replying to threads and reading posts all over the forum. Each new user start with a Trust Level 0(TL0) and as time passes and certain conditions are fulfilled, forum itself, automatically, promotes those new users to subsequent Trust Level unlocking new features and giving the possibility of a greater number of actions inside forum.

By default, each new Discourse instance have default values for those settings which work really well most of the time. Each community forum built on top of Discourse out there, gives core team the possibility to modify those settings to allow a better use of forum functionality according to the rules and general behavior of the community and here in Pynk Community Forum :pynk: we have decided to update a bit those settings to allow new users to gain more in experience by sharing info, replying to topics and exchanging valuable content before they can be promoted to upper Trust Level gaining access to some cool features Discourse forums have: if you want it, you have to earn it!!! :wink:

Based on what we want to achieve and looking out there to other communities long established before us, we have decided to set up what a New User can do as TL0 and what users need to achieve to get promoted from a lower Trust Level to upper one. You can see a summary on table shown below:

At first glance you can think those are difficult goals to achieve but we can assure you that if you are consistent and you are truly interested into becoming a valued member of our beloved community those goals will be achieved easy peasy :sunglasses:. We have several members by now who are on top of those levels by sharing info and creating topics in a consistent way. :beers:

Anyways, if you consider you deserve some attention and want to be reviewed manually to be promoted to an upper trust level based on your activity and contributions despite not being able to reach some of the requirements to “automatically jump” from one Trust Level to another, you can always leave a message here and i promise that one of the staff members will look into your activity log and if you deserve to be promoted you will be manually upgraded as a valuable user here, unleashing a whole range of new features for you that will surely amaze you and help you to be even more valued within this great community!

P.S: you can see your current Trust Level in your profile section here in forum.

Thanks for reading and start working to be promoted as fast as you can…no regrets!!! :wink: