Tractable: artificial intelligence for disaster recovery & accidents

Hey Pynksters!

Has anyone come across this venture? Apparently it’s in Series B phase.

Looks quite interesting, particularly the disaster recovery technology. I got some experience in risk management, and I think insurers, brokers, and adjusters could benefit a lot from this service. Even governments might find the technology very useful. There is an unexploited market out there for this service. :v:


Great find Carlos for real!!!
The thing of real time esteem of the damage is really interesting and as you say Govs could really have great benefits from damages esteems from environmental threats.

This is especially true here in Italy where we wait for the disaster to make damages esteems. In many other places, especially in the United States as far as I know, they use a correct policy. They spend in prevention and safety BEFORE the disaster comes to reduce the damages economical impact.

VERY GOOD FIND INDEED!!:raised_hands:


Exactly Stefano, the most tiresome part, and time-consuming in disaster relief, is estimating damages.

About three years ago I was involved with relief efforts related to the 2017 Mexico earthquake, and a client of ours was the Mexico City Autonomous University. Even with active participation of a pool of international adjusters/valuators, it took about six months for the complete structural damage estimate to be complete!!! :joy:


I am seeing this for the first time. Its quite intriguing.