Tips for effective conversation: replies, quotes, and replying as a new topic

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If you’ve used internet forums before, you might find that the Pynk Community Forum is a bit different. While a lot of forums have hierarchical threading (often shown as indented replies), our Community Forum’s topics are flat and linear.

This is a design choice made by Discourse , the developers of the Pynk Community Forum’s platform, to promote more meaningful conversations. Topics in the Community Forum are like discussions in a room: every post follows the previous one, just as people speak one at a time in real life and all together as we´re having a real conversation.

This help topic will give you some Tips&Tricks to help you make the most of the possibilities our Forum offer so we can have great conversations in a civilized way :ok_hand:

Choose what post you’re replying to

Discourse forums by default have Categories, Sub-Categories, Topics and Posts. The heart of our Forum are Topics wich are nothing more like questions, suggestions or ideas our users post under a given Category or Sub-category opening a complete thread of “answers” given by Community members itself…and Posts are those answers users give to a Topic trying to solve the problem what that Topic was dealing with.

By default, in an ongoing discussion here when you give your reply you are replying to the last Post that Topic has and not to the topic subject itself. Contrary to what is thought, once you click on the general reply button and express your thoughts you should be expressing something regarding the latest statement or post appearing in a Topic, implying that you have something else to add.

Reply General
Fig 1. General Reply Button at the bottom of Topic thread.

If you want to reply back to a given Post inside a Topic but not the last one, our forum gives our users two possibilities:

  • Reply to a specific post by using inner reply button

In a given Topic, each independent Post has a Reply button. You can click the Reply button of the post that you’re most closely replying to and give your answer. If your reply doesn’t appear consecutively to the post you’re replying to, the forum will give UI cues showing what post you’re replying to.

Inner Reply
Fig 2. Inner Reply Button at the bottom of one Post. You can use this to reply back to a specific post.

  • Reply to a specific post by using quotes

Better than replying to a specific post, you can reply to specific passages in the topic or a post. Just select some text, hit the Quote pop-up button, and the quoted text will appear in your reply.

You can have as many of these quotes in your reply as you need.

Fig 3. You can reply to a specific passage of a Topic or a Post by selecting the part you are interested in and hitting “Quote”.

Even better you can browse to another Topic or Post and select text from it to quote! Your reply will stay on screen, don’t worry.

Notice that quotes link back to the original post. This is a great way to build easy-to-follow conversations.

Reply in a new topic

Sometimes your reply might start a new tangent. Rather than distract from the goal of the original topic, you might want to reply as a new topic:

  1. Click the New Topic button from the main page or the category’s page.
  2. Fill out your new topics’s title and category.
  3. Navigate to the original topic (with your topic’s composition pane still open).
  4. Select some text from the original topic and click Quote Reply .

Now your new topic will include a quote and link back to the original topic.

As you can see our Forum built on top of Discourse technologies give you several possibilities to interact better with other Community members, helping you to achieve a better conversation and a clear and more humane discussion.

See ya!!! :v:


I’ve noticed something ever since this new update was added…when I am replying to someone, usually when I type ’ @’, the person’s name that I am replying to pops up. Ever since this change, when it’s a new user, their name isn’t popping up. I have to manually type it in. Anyone else notice this?


Hi @KarenM from my side it is all ok as usual…teated right now with your name!


It seems to be happening with newcomers


Mmmmm…i didn’t noticed then. I’ll put attention at it next time I reply to a new user!


Hi @KarenM :wave:

Just checked this issue and everything seems ok on my side. I tested several usernames(some newcomers and some elders here :sweat_smile:) in test replies and everything seems fine till now.

We updated the forum, reorganizing Categories, Sub-Categories and Topics and Discourse was updated to the latest stable version available now.

If you notice some “weird” behaviour, please, do not hesitate on make a report here…Just give us a shoot and we will answer as soon as we can. :+1:


@ematz09 and @galina2017 were the 2 that didn’t come up…I replied to their first post… I’ll let you know if it happens with anymore newcomers


No problem :+1: Just let us know and we will take a look as fast as we can :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi. I’m trying to start a new topic but I don’t seem to have the authorisation level for that. How can I progress on this?



Hi @mosigman :wave:

Discourse forums have levels for the users. Those levels are designed to allow users gather experience while reading and posting and to discourage spamming at the same time.

Every new user start here with 0 level, and after accomplish a series of goals inside forum they’re promoted to the next level…and so on…

You are a user belonging to level 1 - basic user wich do not have the possibility to create new topics. You need to reach level 2 - full member to be able to create them.

What do you need to reach level 2?

1- Need to enter at least 22 topics.
2- Need to read a minimun of 100 posts.
3- Need to spend at least 90 minutes reading in our Forum.

…after that the system will notify you the reach of level 2 and create new topics will be available for you.

Hope this helps and please if you have any questions do not hesitate in contacting us. Just keep reading, posting and learning and soon you will be promoted to level 2.:ok_hand::+1:


You are well on your way @mosigman! I see you have been active in the community and have given some interesting input. Keep at it and you’ll move up a level in no time! We need more users like you.


Hi, I wanted to post one picture what I made for all pynk community, I tried in topic art and animation but unsuccesfull. Bit help??