Think you're investing in ESG impact funds? You might not be. 🤬

According to a report by the US Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment - environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors for $12 trillion of professionally managed assets. Meaning it is a massively expanding but largely unregulated market. How do we know that the money we invest is really going to the right places? We don’t.

Fund managers are investing money with little or no research into whether assets are truly sustainable and socially virtuous. Ultimately, they don’t really care as long as their funds make money. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Watch our CEO Seth Ward (@seth) discuss the matter and set out his manifesto to make Pynks future investments ones which help us all sleep a little better at night.

Capital at risk


It’s a great video @seth and thanks for sharing @ZackofPynk. I have to confess, I have become somewhat disillusioned with the ESG. To the point where it’s almost not even a consideration. Despite the fact that I consider environmental and social good to be a massive consideration of mine. That sounds a bit backwards, right? Let me explain…

I feel that the idea of ESG has become a product, a brand. Do you think when Goldman Sachs top fund managers are investing that they spend a lot of time doing the required due diligence to ensure the projects they funnel money into are, indeed, socially and environmentally sound? No, me either.

We can fix that at Pynk. It’s one of the multitude of reasons that I’ve been a passionate disciple to the project from almost the beginning. We literally have this amazing asset to help us solve the due diligence puzzle. Our amazing crowd! You guys. :star_struck:

With out team of Pynksters we can work together to make sure every project we invest in is one we can be proud to support. I think if them as ‘T-Shirt companies’ a company you’d be so comfortable to support you’d wear a T-shirt out in public with their branding on it and wear it proudly! :green_heart:

I, for one, am really looking forward to sleeping a bit more soundly at night! :smiley:


This message is really GREAT and makes me think that I am truly with both my feet in the right company to earn good money creating at the same time a better future for the humankind and the other living beings on the planet.

I could not express it better, Al!!


This is very educative. It brings to light the other side of Pynk. Its our collective responsibility to make the world a better place. Thanks for this @seth and thanks @ZackofPynkfor sharing


Thanks for sharing @ZackofPynk, I think it is very important for all of us to effectively communicate this point, get the message across, that Pynk = responsible, sustainable, and social investment. It is a very strong distinction of Pynk :star_struck:


Gracias Carlos :pray:t2:

Many ESG out there no different than this :point_down::sweat_smile:


:joy: :rofl: I mean, considering the substantial fees charged by professional asset managers, it’s incredible that many are not willing, or simply too lazy to ensure the money goes to the right places. Especially nowadays that we know so much about the human impact on everything.
Guess Pynk will lead the way on this! :v:


Making money and minimising losses is pretty much all they care about. It’s sad really, there’s so many projects out there worth investing in :roll_eyes:


This! Thank you for speaking my own thoughts!


This has genuinely helped me out Seth! I have been met with more than one cocked eyebrow when I talk about this new investment platform I have found and believe in.
I have had more than one conversation about investments in ESG, which is what I am looking for, and what has brought me to a community rather than just giving my money to a passive fund. A lot of people are disillusioned, or worse have been burnt by trying to make good choices only to find out they have financed the problem.
I know it is a difficult road, but it is wonderful to hear you commit in an absolute way to trying to be better. :star_struck: