🐈 The Schrodinger's Cat Market And The Key To Trading It: Cash, Equities, Gold, Crypto


  • Is it going to be inflation or deflation? The two schools of thought are poles apart in their thesis of what effect central bank interventions will have.

  • Diversification is always a great way to protect your wealth from unknowns.

  • Cash, equities and gold amount to a spectrum of investment instruments that can be quickly adjusted to developing circumstances.

  • Crypto can be a powerful tool to help investors adapt to the future of inflation/deflation as an adjunct to gold.

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The deflation theory is one I hadn’t really read much about, so interesting article @ZackofPynk. Not sure if I’m onboard with the β€˜dead money’ idea, although I have no doubt that the banks are doing everything and anything they can to protect themselves from the coming fiscal winter.

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I’ll need to read up on this