The Migration of High Net Worth Individuals

Hello Pynksters,

An interesting article which looks at the migration of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs).

A few small surprises for me were the loss of HNWIs from countries like the UK (possibly Brexit related?) and France, countries which would be considered as having a fairly high standard of living for the most part, particularly for those fortunate enough to have the funds to live in prosperous areas and, presumably, send their children to great schools.

No massive surprises in the inflow of HNWIs to places like America, Canada and Switzerland but maybe there was for you?

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you live in one of these areas and have some insights as to why people may have moved into (or out of) these regions?

Oh, and have a great holiday season guys!



There must be tons of considerations that each indivudual ponders, but just looking at the top countries with outflows, these are countries with sociopolitical problems and are not safe for HNWI at wealth level, and some at freedom level as well.
Merry Xmas @Al_Wallace :tada: :tada:


Hi Al! Regarding this topic my only piece of info to add is that in Portugal, on of the TOP MAGNETS
Countries for HNI as stated in the article you posted, they have ZERO taxes on crypto holdings and gains.
Just this, makes Portugal very attractive but it also has to be known that you have ti gain Potoguese citizenship to get these benefits.


On first glance it looks like that inflow countries are mostly warmer and less densely populated but I don’t see a clear pattern, some are colder and not very stable politicaly.

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