The Laundromat - Netflix stylish film on the Panama Papers

Did you guys see the Steven Sodebergh film The Laundromat? I watched it as he was the director, without knowing anything about the topic. I was surprised to see that it was about the financial injustice wrought by the corruption discovered in the Panama Papers. The film is a cross between The Big Short & Babel.

The way it shows the corrupt machinations of Mosack Fonseca LLP having direct ramifications for people in everyday life. My favourite line is 1. The Meek are Screwed. It’s a super stylish film that highlights what could be a dry subject in amusing and engaging way.

All these clever deals and tax avoidance schemes in plush offices make us helpless to gain recompense or justice…unless you’re Meryl Streep…she’s kick ass in this.


I saw that some weeks ago. I was like… :scream:
It was incredible how they were able to do things in that way…
Love “The big short” definitely one of the best movies of that gender if not THE BEST.


Yeah TBS is one of the rare films that I’ve watched more than once. Hope I can learn to be more Michael Burry :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, it’s a good film, but it kinda fell short of my personal expectations, given the unbeleivable story and production team.

Agree with @Tradelta, The Big Short is an amaaazing film.

If you guys liked the above, check out Margin Call, that one is pretty good as well


Yeah I’ve seen Margin Call. It’s good, but for me it was a bit too dry. I think I need A-listers to explain to me what’s going on throughout the film :grin:

Hollywood is first and foremost an entertainment business and stylising what could otherwise be dry content (no matter how informative) will draw the biggest audience. It may seem a little flippant at times, but at least the message is getting out there. They didn’t cover much of the aftermath, like the assassination of the Maltese journalist. Maybe there will be a part II? Nobody paid for their crimes, so it could be a dangerous movie to make exposing the politicians etc who were involved.


Maybe I should watch Margin Call again, I’ve learned a lot since then :wink:

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