The last American president ( parallel universe )

It’s a wild Pie in the Sky concept, but does anybody think that Trump could be the last president of the United States?

With his support for the protests against the Covid-19 lockdowns, and identifying Republican states and supporting direct opposition to state governments; do you think that’s a possibility that America could go the same way that Russia went in the 1980s?

To Put it simply, do you think America could fraction in separate?

I’m inclined to think that we’re at the beginning of what could be a paradigm shift from west to east .

What do you think the effects of such an idea would have on the global economy, but most importantly, where the hell are you going to hide your savings?

Gold, silver, booze or Bitcoin?


I guess this, too!!

For the rest I think every thing is possible for real. Looking into our history books we can find many examples of powerfull Empires being disrupted by times cycles under which all the things in the world of creation are subject…so…very possible.

As you say we are in full paradigm shift. New groudbreaking technologies, capable of impacting the daily life of every man on this planet on many aspects, are being discussed every day.

These technologies have the power to impact in a massive way every aspect of the human life…health, motion, food industry, finance, energy…everything.

So what I guess is that what we will see is more or less what we are seeing now within the Covid-19 narrative.
No governing body has the perfect recipe to handle the ripercussions and all the possible outcomes.

My thought is that the communities, the Nations able to adapt themselves to the new condition better than the other will take the upper hand. Those stuck in trying to preserve the old ways of doing things will take a bad beat.

I think like this. Gold has always been a certainty in harsh times. I am really fascinated by the blockchain technology and its potential.
Gold is a precious metal known by everyone with some property and specific uses while blockchain has many potential usecases with very few people who actually grasp what it could become.


There is nothing strange about this predicament we find ourselves in. We have the same old banking families that have been around since the beginning of the 1700s running the global Financial systems. These sociopaths have bean playing the same old scratched record on the same old gramophone built on a pre-industrial age. this was an age landlords and tyrants abuse that powers by enslaving millions. The only difference now is that people are enslaved financially and mentally; opposed to physically.

Well, I tend to agree with near enough everything you’ve written. We’re in unpresidented times and quite frankly anything is pawsible. The last time when unemployment in the US was over 3 million was back in 1920’s, and 1930s before that in the 1920’s we had a period Of boom-and-bust . The Swingin twenties, was the denial stage of the beginning of the Great Depression. I don’t think we’ve hit the denial stage yet.