The 'Debt Vacuum'

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Heard of the debt Vacuum? :thinking:

That’s when interest on money owed rises in relation to the amount of money issued, creating a debt that can never be repaid.

UK debt > $2 trillion

US debt > $27 trillion dollars and rising

Money printed?

UK = £1 Trillion (projected)

US = $3.5 trillion (projected)

Considering the difference in size between the US and Uk economies, it would appear that the UK is racking up an astronomical amount of debt relative to its size.

What do you think?

Are we in a ‘debt vacuum’ here in the UK?

What about the US? and, if so, what measures can be taken to control this?

Sources: the BBC;, and USA Today


I don’t know about you guys in the UK, @Al_Wallace, but here in the US, it is what it is. Even though it ‘looks’ really bad, I don’t think it’s a top priority to get it under control. The talk is about more government funding/help that is needed.


Yes it isn’t affecting day to day. But to be informed is to be forewarned. The catastrophic effect this will have on the value of FIAT currencies is difficult to overstate. The loss in spending power is difficult to calculate. We’ve seen nothing like this since WWII. Back then gold was the standard to peg the value of currency. That is no more, so a tailspin is on the cards. Or else a return to the Bretton Woods agreement where Gold underpins our currencies.


In fact, this is a big threat to all states in the world, as these are two powerful countries with huge appetites. And this leads to the fact that states have to play dirty political games in the foreign economy, unleash wars ( more related to the United States ) and revolutions in other countries that destroy millions of people, but allows you to patch holes in the budget of richer countries. I have great respect for the people of both countries, and I am committed to a peaceful future on the planet. It is possible that, as discussed earlier, the decentralization of economies with the introduction of a larger cycle of cryptocurrencies into life, as well as more accessible education for the population and the fight against illiteracy will help in this difficult situation.
In general, literacy of the population is the basis of peaceful coexistence of mankind!


The financial Armageddon is definitely coming 2021 ! The more so with the new USA government. Where it will all finish, noone knows, times are fascinating and very dangerous. Let’s live and see !


A debt vacuum will make electronic currencies rise and rise higher


Aren’t all debt based monetary systems in fact debt vaacums? I mean money is “loaned into existence” through the banking system not by the government (so far at least). So there is always more debt to be paid with accrued interest than money, hence deflation in most advanced economies. After all those years of “money printing” Japan still can’t generate inflation. In US there is only inflation in financial assets, Europe also deflationary environment


Is like that in every country

in the power competition, China and Russia are In the first role in the Western Balkans. It’s a far cry from a decade ago, when European powers, working closely in concert with America, proposed a future for the region with little or no consideration of outside influences.
vacuum has developed as Western powers refocused on other challenges, assuming that the region’s countries would progress and develop, with their economies naturally converging with European standards and the whole region eventually joining the EU.
EU is planning a 412asistanc plan for the region .But even in the best-case scenario, full accession to the European Union will take many years.

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