The Crypto spot (discuss about your fav blockchain project here)

So…I am for sure one of the so called “crypto enthusiasts” and like any self-respecting crypto enthusiast I was missing in this forum a spot where everyone could discuss:

  • his own favourite blockchain based project
  • why you think that particular project can succeed in the long term
  • everything you think is valuable to add about it…something related to its possible utilities, it’s current price, it’s all time high…really anything you’d like to add.

An article I was reading some mins ago states this:
“Grayscale Investments, the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, says it raised $1.05 billion for investment products during the third quarter of 2020 — the largest inflow of funds from investors a single quarter in Grayscale’s history.”


I guess the cat is out of the bag now…let’s see if we can find good investing opportunities togheter people!!

To the mooooooooooooooon!! :grin::grin::grin::grin::dart::rocket:


I have found this beautiful site where you can search your favourite crypto news by name and keyword.
There is also a section where it displays the trending news and the highlights from all the crypto space…very usefull for those of you searching for fundamentals.

Here it is:


Yesterday a speaker from the “Blockchain Research institute” was into a meeting that I was following and delved into he MONETIZING THE PHISICAL WORLD trough tokenization.

Check it from 1:10:00


Guys…yesterday I was super lucky.
I found a person who was able to explain to me in very simple terms, the progresses that the new smart contract called Flare Network will bring.

He was so crystal clear that I had to put it on a blog.


This is the second part, in my opinion far more intriguing than the first one.

I guess one of the utilities of this smart contract network, is to provide a wisdom of the crowd but not in a cohordinated manner as Pynk does.

Check it out!


Polkadot is the most interesting system to me, last few months especially.
They seem to be very far in development and extremely fast in comparison with others that are trying to do something similar.

Parachains are expected to launch very soon on Polkadots sister network Kusama, that will be a gamechanger for them.


Mentioned Decentraland a little bit before Chritmas, they had some big achievements in meantime, partnership with Atari that was mentioned earlier this year became official few days ago.
Also, with current craze around NFTs and maybe because of Barry Silbert hooking up on Beeples 69 mil NFT it has gone from 0.09 USD to 2.44 USD in less than 3 months.


I’ve been aware of NFTs for a while now; but the Beeples $69 Million thing… I did not see that one coming…(?) Yikes!


Yeah that news was really something, I was expecting stuff like that later in the bull run haha


How does this community feel about Cardano project? I’ve been following it for some weeks and cardano seems like a interesting project to me


This one caught my eye recently: AdsDaX.

I found it interesting as it addresses a (significant) issue which, although I was vaguely aware of, I didn’t appreciate the scale of the problem.

Interesting YT vid on AdsDaX and how their technology^ is:

  • combating digital ad fraud (worth 32Bn pa, rising to 87Bn in 2022, second only to the drugs trade for organised crime revenues)
  • protecting user data (always a good hook - especially if mentioned in the same breath as FaceBook! :wink:)
  • rewarding users for content consumption (this, I like - MASSIVELY! And also other forms of micropayments whether it’s as a cost or as a reward to the consumer. Huge potential here, imo.)

It does get quite technical in places, but worth persisting with and gives some good insights in to the problems being experienced in that space as well as highlighting this particular offering.

Can’t find much out about the company itself, but they are established - this is a live, functioning, revenue generating product - and it seems to work and at scale^; eg: their boasting about completing more daily transactions on their platform than the mighty Etherium is no mean feat.

Problem is that AdsDaX doesn’t currently seem to be investible, but it’s a space that’s worth keeping an eye on as wanna-be competitors might be.

^ it’s underpinned by Hedera Hashgraph - (currently) my favourite ‘blockchain’ / DLT framework.


Cool idea
Power Ledger POWR.His last big news is partnership with India Tata Power
P2P solar energy trial is now ongoing in New Delhi ending the end of June
All that is done with cooperation of India Authority .Trial can turn in to 7.5 mln active users trading solar energy on Powr platform.they many others partners from all continents /Biggest is US giant what is now building with POWR platform for Rec. carbon credits platform.That US co is in fact global

Syscoin.Look syscoin twitter.They are at launch of new generaration of defi and DeFi.There Blockchain Foundry Inc leading North American blockchain group.You can find Bloomberg article on Syscoin Twitter.Worth to notice that 44% of Sys supply is lockked in Masternodes
Platform can launch really very soon.

I like many Vet.Sia is really good Very much Ltc but my main focus are those two above


Going to follow you on Twitter @PavelNatyx looks like very interesting
Grazie a Te

Hello hello hellooooo, guys and girls!

This is going to be a huge month in my Opinion because at the end of June FLARE NETWORK will be launched.

For those of you not aware of what it is, Flare Network combine the ETHEREUM programming language which is used to develop smart contracts with the very high speed, the very low energy consumption and the very tiny costs of the XRPL.

In fact THE MISSION of Flare is to serve as smart contract bridge to those blockchains who are contractless such as XRP, XLM, LTC, ADA, DOGE (these are blockchains that have already agreed to be partner with Flare). Is it possible that even BTC could overcome its well known issues bonded to the energy consumption by partnering with Flare one day? Well…this is pure speculation right now but yes, it could be very possible indeed.

Many many partnerships are already made before the launch of the network and many people are really exited because it was tested that to transfer an already existing smart contract from Ethereum to Flare is supereasy and superconvenient.

I guess Flare will be a good Gem. You eard from me first…remember! :grin::grin::grin:


I agree @Tradelta ! I’ve been waiting for Flare to launch since I am an XRP holder. They keep pushing the date, I hope this is finally happening. Many exciting things in the crypto world.


When doing my bitcoin prediction on Pynk website today, my mind drifted to the question: what Elon Musk’s mood be today? If he took weekend off, maybe he will spent a day catching up on his empire and will not tweet about cryptocurrency :laughing:


Guys…what do you think about the gaming industry?

Personally, when I was younger (as the majority of the kids I guess) I was very much into videogames and I am always superinterested at that particular sector and how it is evolving.
I used to play at RPGs like WoW (World of Warcraft) or card games related to that brand such as Heartstone.

Now, with the advent of the blockchain technology and in particular of the NFTs I guess we are about to witness a revolution in the gaming industry.

The name of the blockchain gaming platform I’d like to introduce to you today is GALA GAMES (GALA is the name of the token).

In brief by the use of NFTs over their latest RPG game named MIRANDUS (they are about to launch it in few months) they plan to give the possibility to the gamers to be able to exchange the money that they realize in the game, in the real life. So…what you possess inside the game such as items, territories, places, buildings etc…they will have REAL value in the REAL WORLD TOO.

Gala has already partnered with the very promising smart contract platform Flare Network, which is about to lunch I guess this month.

This post is not meant to be a financial advice as always. I just wanted to share with you the story that is going on. I guess we are in the pioneering at this stage for what concern this kind of approach but hey…who has never dreamed or wished that the credits we had on videogames as a child were real money?
This for me personally is a dream that comes true :grin:

Are we going towards a READY PLAYER ONE kind of scenario here?

Edit: new game is on the horizon!!


@tradelta - how do i see the video of BRI - it says this video is private. if the owner of this video has granted you access, please sign in…please help…i am interested

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Sorry @raseshtalati i checked right now and it is set private to me too… :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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@Tradelta - ok, haha - guess we will have to search for some other alternative.

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