The Crypto spot (discuss about your fav blockchain project here)

So…I am for sure one of the so called “crypto enthusiasts” and like any self-respecting crypto enthusiast I was missing in this forum a spot where everyone could discuss:

  • his own favourite blockchain based project
  • why you think that particular project can succeed in the long term
  • everything you think is valuable to add about it…something related to its possible utilities, it’s current price, it’s all time high…really anything you’d like to add.

An article I was reading some mins ago states this:
“Grayscale Investments, the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, says it raised $1.05 billion for investment products during the third quarter of 2020 — the largest inflow of funds from investors a single quarter in Grayscale’s history.”


I guess the cat is out of the bag now…let’s see if we can find good investing opportunities togheter people!!

To the mooooooooooooooon!! :grin::grin::grin::grin::dart::rocket:


I have found this beautiful site where you can search your favourite crypto news by name and keyword.
There is also a section where it displays the trending news and the highlights from all the crypto space…very usefull for those of you searching for fundamentals.

Here it is:


Yesterday a speaker from the “Blockchain Research institute” was into a meeting that I was following and delved into he MONETIZING THE PHISICAL WORLD trough tokenization.

Check it from 1:10:00

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Guys…yesterday I was super lucky.
I found a person who was able to explain to me in very simple terms, the progresses that the new smart contract called Flare Network will bring.

He was so crystal clear that I had to put it on a blog.

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This is the second part, in my opinion far more intriguing than the first one.

I guess one of the utilities of this smart contract network, is to provide a wisdom of the crowd but not in a cohordinated manner as Pynk does.

Check it out!

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