Technical Analysis Basics

In this section I plan to make simple videos where I will try explain some basic notions about:

  • How to read properly a chart and candles and candlesticks patterns
  • How to place properly Supports and Resistance
  • How to apply efficiently the Fibonacci Tool
  • Simple trading strategies
    Hope you’ll enjoy and contribute with some of your videos too if you like! :grin:

All the following tutorials are made using TRADINGVIEW ( ). You can find it both for desktop and for mobile device app version.

TABLE OF CONTENTS (updated as I make a new video):


Yes yes yes! @Tradelta. Please start off simple for those of us (me) who need basics…try explaining it like you are teaching a 6yr old then process from there. I think there are others here who will agree.


Totally agree!!! I feel 7 year old right now when it comes to trading!


I’ll try my best girls…you can’t understand how hard it is to explain things in a language that isn’t mine ahahhaha.
Today i tried to make one but wasn’t good at all.
Tomorrow I will try again. While with Bitcoin i do the whole thing in one go, with this I’d like to be more clear and specific so it takes a lot more effort. But don’t worries…I will do my best to give you the principles at my best. Ahahahahah :joy::joy::joy:

What sentence it is…i will do my best to give you the principles at my best??? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’m eager to watch your content on this @Tradelta! There’s always something good to learn. :nerd_face:


Hi Tradelta, I watched your presentation, and the only thing that I recognised was Fibonacci sequence. Had no idea it had uses in trading, I always thought it was maths and biology only!
So I did some digging and found this:

Why would you use that in trading in the first place? Is the idea that trading communities proceed in growth like multi-cellular plant organisms ?



Hi Eva!! This is a very interesting question about a very interesting topic.

As you say, we can find fibonacci.sequence into play in pretty much everything that regard our existance…from how our galaxies are structured and how planets revolves around thier stars, to how living beings are shaped in each level of their structure…litterally from macro to micro.

That being said, YES…it sounds strange that the very same sequence is applied to the markets but at the same time it sounds also very logic since it is deeply routed into our own existance and markets are just another by-product…an extension of our human experience.

Personally, fibonacci tools are one of the tools I like to use the most to find CONFIRMATION and CONFLUENCE in a given market trend. It is NOT the only one tool to consider, but in general, my experience tells me that 80% of times these fib. levels are highly considered in the dynamic of markets movement.
It is for sure one of the strategies I want to show you in future videos.

If you have more questions in this regard please ask…i am really passionate about this!!! :grin::rocket::rocket::heart:


This is the first video guys.
I was actually going with candlestick reading but then I decided to give you some knowledge about the RISK REWARD MANAGEMENT which in my opinion is by far the most important aspect you should consider BEFORE entering in any trade or investment.

This will allow you to survive to many many trades gone wrong.


Thank you, as always, @Tradelta for the detailed explanation! I really had no idea how to calculate the risk reward but now I see it is quite important to help decide whether to invest in a certain stock or not. Great job Teacher-Guide.


Thank you Karen! Yeah that’s SUPERIMPORTANT and that tool I show on the video which shows you the exact % of risk you are taking and the reward you expect is VERY USEFULL…I highly reccomand to get used to it because it will save your life many times for sure!!


Great video Steffano, as always! :smiley:
A lot of people get into trading looking only for their rewards, don’t even know how to manage risk they are taking and get burned in the process.
Everyone new to investing or trading should watch this video so they get a sense of how to approach trading/investing, carefully and with some kind of plan.
Might be boring to some people but it is necessery if you want to manage your investments by yourself and want to compete againts Pynk’s fund in the future :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :chart_with_downwards_trend:


@Tradelta thank you for the tutorial bro!

Near the end, you mention what I think is one of the most important, and difficult, aspects that we have to keep in mind when investing… the entry point.

I mean, you can be investing in the very best asset out there, but if you’re getting in when over-priced / overbought, you’re gonna have a tough time unless you’re going short :joy:… it’s kind of a craft, to be able to tell the actual value of something as opposed to whatever the markets say is on any given day.

By the way, what software do you use for these technical analyses?


You are right Carlos sorry, I didn’t mentioned. I am using TRADINGVEIW. You can find both in desktop by searching TRADINGVIEW on google AND you can download even its app in every app store for every device. :grin:


Hi @Eva :wave: Wondering about Fibonacci numbers in trading techniques? Here´s an article i wrote a while ago about Fibonacci Retracement Levels in trading and how to use them.

Hope you find it useful and simple to understand! :pray:


Thank you for this as the knowledge goes past making pynk predictions. I usually don’t have the time to spend that much analysis on my pynk predictions but definitely use some technicals to quickly make rough predictions.


Today I wanted to give you the basic knowledge about this Topic.
The same principles explained are applicable at every time frame.
Enjoy the video!


Thanks once again @Tradelta for an easy to understand and very important tutorial video. You’re the best!


Thank you @KarenM! :grin: PLEASE let me know if there is something not so clear. Some times I don’t know if I am speaking in the right way so…just let me know… :stuck_out_tongue::grin:


The Topic of this video is HOW TO PLACE PROPERLY SUPPORTS and RESISTANCES and to HOW TO USE them in a real life trading situations. :grin: