Suggestion for prediction screen

A suggestion for the UIX in the Android app. Place the box directly under the graph, instead of under the icons, so you can see the graph and current current price while predicting.
Also, I would suggest a quicker log-in in the app, instead of having to press up to three times before you get to the good stuff.
I have been asked to tell you the phone make etc. It is a Oneplus 3, with Android version 9.
My suggestions:
a) On a mobile, have the login button already on the first page. Maybe have it remember which is your favorite way to log in, so you don’t have to choose which type of login every time and place that button on the front page.
b) On the predictions page, place the prediction bos and the supbmit button right under the graph, and above the Bitcoin, Gold, NASDAQ etc button. This way you have access to the present price while making your prediction.
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Hello @dtails. Hope you don’t mind but I edited your last comment slightly and added your suggestion to the ‘my suggestions’ thread. This allows our team to review and, where appropriate, take your suggestions on board. Thanks for your suggestion :+1:


Hello @dtails,

thanks for your recommendations, @Daryl is curious about your device brand/model and OS, which will help us to understand the resolution :+1:

Have a nice weekend :desert_island:


Hi Zack,
I went to the post and have entered to info that @Daryl needs. Hope that works :).
Best, Jens


No worries, AI_Wallace, thanks for the heads up.


Please reconsider using this on the app… It’s getting more and more irritating :woozy_face:


Hi @stackem, I know it can be a bit frustrating, we listened Rose on that, based on her research min time limit needed to stop some Pynksters to give a second thought before predicting. If you mean emoji changes we can find something else, do you have any suggestions? :slight_smile:


It’s more frustrating because we may be considering a price for a while on the side graph, but the software doesn’t take that into account, and gives us the above :point_up:when finally predicting :woozy_face:

I get that it’s not good to just bang any old price in- (believe it or not, my terrible predictions are a considered approach :rofl:)- and Rose would maybe discount the data? It’s the UX needs tweaking :innocent:


You gotta think of that message a bit like when you go to the Zoo and see a sign that says ‘don’t put your hands inside the tiger cage’. They know that 99.9% know not to put their hands inside the tiger cage but unfortunately we need to create signs for the kind of people that don’t :joy:


Yep … Lol… nice analogy. Just one warning would be good, 4 though?

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