Suggest an entry to Pynkipedia!

Hello Pynkster! :wave:

As a dedicated Pynkster you should probably know by now that Pynkipedia is an awesome tool to learn about new things and whole Pynk ecosystem, solve some problems you may have and to clear doubts that may be rounding your head. :nerd_face:

Pynkipedia has always been here for us since the very beginning of Pynk journey, and as time passes, modifications have been made in form and content, especially trying to target new, useful and fresh content that responds to the evolving needs of Pynk bussiness and our Community.

Given the Pynkipedia is a work in progress and can be updated if necessary we want to offer you the possibility to request a new entry to Pynkipedia: if you think some new topic should be taken into consideration to be added to this awesome resource…just let us know in below comments by replying to this topic…a Team Pynk member will review your suggestions and will let you know the results.

We´are strong together if we act together and think together! :muscle:

Thank you!


I scanned thru the entire Pynkipedia. It’s very detailed and explained well. Maybe touch briefly on the leaderboard section. Just so everyone knows they can see last month’s standing as well as current…


Yes I agree on that.


That’s a good suggestion @KarenM, thanks. Let’s see if we can make some time to do that soon :+1:


Welcome to our community @Jorey66! We are growing and it’s nice to see new Pynksters. Please stick around, read some of the many interesting topics and share your thoughts.


Hi Jorey! welcome to the community!