Stash - Privacy-focused personal finance manager

Stash is for those of you who monitor their spending, want to see on what you spend the most and where can you cut down your expenses or just want to find out how much money you need per month to keep up the current lifestyle.

When I was looking for a finance manager application they either had lots of trackers in the app and sold your data or the interface was awful.

This finance manager looks good, keeps it simple, values your privacy and it’s free.
Looks like a nice manager for those of you who need to be more financially responsible.

Registration process is fast and easy, you choose your name, password and type your e-mail for recovery.
There is even a demo version where you can see how it looks with only one click and no registration.

You can look it up on Product Hunt or just go to the Official website where you can use it.


This is a great tool. When you track your spending, it can be a real eye opener as to how much really goes out each month. Great to keep you on track and stick to a budget. Nice share @predictor


I think you can buy fractional stocks with Stash can’t you, like Cash-App.
Not sure if it’s available in UK though, sounds good :pray:

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Any one know if a good investment app available in the UK other than moneybox?

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They are both called Stash but they are not connected.
I looked it up and found 3 more apps called Stash but they are not money related, popular name :joy:

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Ooooops! See what you mean, I was going off what I knew about the Stash app :rofl::rofl:.
Sorry Karlo :pray: