Scamm alert (facebook) ?!

This messsge i received at 02am on the facebook i think everybody does from our community. They are(Pynk) and its airdrop time,they will share 50 btc,and every one who paid from 0.003 btcn to main wallet later he can claim his deposite x3!!

I hope i did not made a mistake with publishing this post and also hope we havent start with any airdrop?
Are we?

Stay safe and protect yourself!


Thanks for your warning @Ribica123 :pray: Could you please PM me the exact link/URL of this scam account on FB?..and no…we have not started any airdrop…obviously this is one of many scams out there. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the warning @Ribica123. Cannot think that there are such scammers and schemers out in the world, but yeah apparently there are and there’s lots of them out there…


Hello Damir, Thanks for reporting in. Unfortunately each week we are dealing with this. Facebook support is so slow to take action in those. We are banning those pages as fast as we can to prevent any harm to our followers :frowning:


thank you @Ribica123 for bringing such scams to light…crazyyyy…stay safe pynksters

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I am somehow a SCAM magnet :confounded:

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Why do you say that @bosswhoadad?

@bosswhoadad I hope you haven’t been mislead by one of these fake sites? Anything we can help with?

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