ROSE AI performance improving with time!

Thought everyone might like to see some key stats on ROSE AI performance! Obviously we don’t share this type of information too often since it is proprietary, but we are so excited we can’t hide it :slightly_smiling_face:

The first thing to understand is that part of the magic of the Crowd Wisdom system is it tells us when to trade and when not to. Being a good trader/investor is about knowing when to stay out of the market. The basis of this is understanding risk:reward (R:R)

In the charts I am showing below you will see results from our Mk1 2019 AI algorithms (Rose runs several at any one time) and our more recent Mk2 AI - both on Bitcoin. The MK2 have been live for only a matter of months, and already are showing a strong improvement:

As you can see from the second image, Mk2 is in the market 20.1% of the time with an accuracy of 74.5%, up from 68.2% from MK1.

What’s also very encouraging is Rose is picking the big moves. We give each trade a ‘range score’ based on not only on being on side but how far the market moves. Here you can see MK2 is performing very well, especially when our expert financial team overlay technicals (TA):

While we can already see the system is working on Bitcoin, Gold and Nasdaq Ixic - it will only get stronger with the number and quality of predictions. As those two things happen; the rate of (machine) learning increases.

To date we have many hundred thousand data points from the Crowd. This is a relatively small number of data points for AI; by the end of 2020 we will have millions of predictions in the system.

Prediction quality is increasing also, here you can see the trend in increasing Super Predictors in the Pynk Crowd:

This final chart proves that Pynskters are ‘learning by doing’ in a risk-free environment. It’s very exciting for all involved as proves that we can win as one collective. Later this year we will release a new product that fosters this approach.

Hope that all makes sense, if any questions or insights let me know below.

Also, our lead quant is writing a more technical blog piece on ROSE AI, we will post next month :+1:


Really interesting and quite exciting data mark! Particularly encouraging that ROSE is predicting this big moves and therefore, presumably, stands to make a better return.

I think Pynksters will be happy to see this and I know many of us are excited for what’s to come this year, this only make me more excited! :smiley:


Really motivating to keep up predicting :smiley:
Nice to see we (Rose and Crowd) keep getting better.
Based on this, new algorithm seems to be a really big improvement.


Nice article Mark. Well time and much needed. My predictions have gone off the rails recently, but knowing I’m competing with our super predictors is motivating me to hone my technique


Really interesting results there. The crowd will be excited by this data and I hope it motivates them to keep pushing. There is still a lot more to be done. We are making progress. Great work by the team and the crowd.


practice makes perfect:) also, hold tight until we launch next product: it will give you performance scores in much easier to understand manner and facilitate ‘learning by doing’ process


“practice makes perfect:) also, hold tight until we launch next product: it will give you performance scores in much easier to understand manner and facilitate ‘learning by doing’ process”
Think this will be a game changer to increase Pynkster prediction accuracy for the majority of us, in turn adding value for all of us.
Great info Mark, do you think an accuracy rate of circa 90% could be achieved after Rose analyses millions more data points in a couple of years or so?


This data is truly interesting, Mark…especially the part in regard the Range scored for bigger moves, with and without Technicals increased…so good indeed!!

With the risk free environment prediction you truly went to the core. To eliminate the emotion from the scheme of things is crucial in predicting the moves of each asset. This is why I always say that one thing is charting and another is trading…two complete different things. With this you found the perfect recipe.
I hope to see many others predictors join PYNK this year!


Fantastic to see some data :eyes::eyes::star_struck: Numbers and graphs, yum! The funny part is I’m not kidding :joy:

All of them are great. I’m thinking about the last one in particular. What do you think is happening with that blue line? The “standard average crowd” line is not improving toward the end of the year😕 Would that be because the speed of crowd growth, more Pynksters becoming superpredictors (and no longer in that category), markets shifted directions during that time, or some combination of that and more?

I assume this question might be something Rose is already evaluating. Just curious to learn more :wink:


Honestly it’s not my area of expertise so don’t know if can get to 90% @kaabayahaya - I am just a marketing guy who is passionate about building better businesses:) However, what we have already shown as a community working together is improvement. The quantity of data we have in AI terms is small, and we know the quality is getting better as dedicated Pynksters get better over time and become super predictors (annoyingly
it appears I am not one of them!) - this is most important as is proving the model. As the word spreads and more join our movement we will go from strength to strength. Our lead AI quant has built algorithms for the world’s biggest banks and I know he is also very excited by the trends in our datasets. I’m also nagging him every week to write a blog about his work (but he is super busy and definitely he wants marketing guy like me to stop asking ha ha)


yes, we can see the progress of ROSE AI from week to week … ROSE AI is a work tool visibly to the point and very well … ROSE and a size atou in the prediction strategies of I’m really glad to have been part of this project and have the chance to be a part of it … thank you Pynkster team!


Thanks for this. I am more excited about this than you though… :laughing:


It’s nice to get to see the progress! I think we all knew it would work, but seeing the charts…wow! It’s great. I see personal improvement with my own predictions as well…


Nice model ROSE AI!

The idea and scheme is understandable in principle. The question is when all Pynksters will start to earn decent profits - this year or …?


Great update ML! It’s really important to encourage the community of (Pynksters) with hard facts.

I think that Rose Ai is the queen of the Pynkster colony and the collective data feeding of all concerned has shown amazing results.The ant analogy is powerful, as a species, ants have long out lasted the likes of the dinosaurs and continue to spread their network beyond boarders with no regard for humans and our efforts to control their encroachment in what we view as our world.

I envisage that someday soon we’ll all look back at the efforts made by the Pynk community as groundbreaking. As the network of Pynksters reaches out to all who encounter financial exclusion, giving each individual a voice by providing a means to support their families and community. Exciting times ahead… We could be making history here.

Oh, to be a Pynkster :fire::rocket:


Hi @DenzelEtherio - that depends how you define ‘decent profits’, but the big release in next few months is the 0% Commission Investment Manager (see Investor Wallet tab in Beta). This will generate consistent and meaningful returns on your investments. For those Pynksters who already converted WPs into shares; this will automatically go into your account. This process will continue going forwards. We will be announcing much more in coming weeks and months (sorry, not quite ready to release details of this yet).


Very exciting news. The accuracy of ROSE AI is definitely increasing. Looking forward to the technical blog post


ROSE AI performance has improved greatly as it helps in not only following the market sentiments, but helps know when to trade, how to trade. Would encourage the Pynk team to add other assets/digital currencies with time…


Excellente article!!!
It motivates me to keep making predictions.
Thanks for this community.


Very interested results here and I am very happy that Rose (and the Crowd) are getting better and better :+1:
Also I find the article a great help to learn more about how the predictions are going and how we, the Pynksters, are helping! Keep up the good work guys!!