Research project for Pynk's first Global CrowdFunding Campaign

Hello Pynksters :wave:

Following the success of the Seedrs Crowdfunding campaign (still live for those that haven’t yet invested) - we have had feedback here on this community, during the AMA session and elsewhere that many Pynksters were frustrated as couldn’t become equity investors in Pynk.

As you may have picked up from various threads - Seedrs can only accept investors from certain countries/jurisdictions due to regulatory restrictions.

The Seedrs campaign was a great success for us and we want to run subsequent CrowdFunding campaigns as quickly as possible. There are multiple benefits for CrowdFunding as a mechanism for raising capital. Firstly, it means our users and early adopters around the world can become equity holders and share in our successes as a company - that’s exactly what we want. Secondly, CrowdFunding is a great marketing exercise as drives awareness for the Pynk project - and many investors go on to become users of the product. We have been looking closely at how FreeTrade use CrowdFunding to do exactly this - in fact they have run 7 CrowdFuding campaigns, 4 between April 2019 and May of this year! Checkout this link:

Since Pynk is a global project - we need a global solution for this. :open_hands: :facepunch:

Our idea is to run the world’s first Global CrowdFunding campaign - open to every country in the world.

To do this we need to run the campaign on multiple CrowdFunding platforms at once.

We are therefore launching a research project so we can leverage the Wisdom in the Pynk crowd - to help us make an assessment on which combination of CrowdFunding platforms to use.

There are extra CP’s and WP’s on offer.

This request is for a long form answer - so this exercise is for those who have the time to do the proper research and construct a comprehensive recommendation, to be reviewed by Team Pynk.

If that sounds like it could be you then hit the link to get started :arrow_right:

Deadline for submission: 15th June 2020, 12 pm GMT


Sorry @ZackofPynk could you please give an indication of the Countries we are missing? :smiley:
Thank you mate!!:sun_with_face::sunglasses:


Sure @tredelta :+1:

Seedrs covers only countries below, however, Pynk Crowd is quite global (182 countries now and counting) Especially USA Pynksters have a bigger slice in the pie where they can not back Pynk via Seedrs in that round, so we are looking for a global solution, it is ideal everyone to find the best platform covers their own region within details, so we can proceed with this collective research better.

Seedrs only accepts equity investors from these countries; United Kingdom, European Union member countries, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates


yes this issue has to be fixed for sure!!
Thank you very much Zack!!


Guys…it’s me again. Sorry but I think this will help a bit everyone in the search.
I found this list on quora a bit outdated (from 2012) but it could be a starting point.

Also in this thread here i found some good info (screeshotted for you :sunglasses:):

ENJOY :sunglasses:


As an Italian Resident you won’t have any difficulties while investing into crowdfunding rounds. EU countries is well covered with Seedrs and other major platforms.

Either you can pass this research task or look for globally covered platform for fellow Pynksters who is having difficulty on joining the Pynk at that level :upside_down_face:


As a Canadian I was def sad that I couldn’t give a little bit, but how come you guys are still fundraising? I thought were at something like 200% funded through seedrs…


Hey @mastersa,

Seedrs has gone incredibly well and it’s one part of a bigger target as overall we are raising £2m to progress the business to the next very exciting phase. Realising that many of the community missed out on seedrs we are working out the next platform (s) to utilise to open it up. The rest of this raise will come from institutional and angel investors.

Hope that helps



Hello! A very interesting topic is the participation of campaigns and product. Good luck with the project! How to be a simple ordinary investor? Where to begin?


Since Seedrs accept the investors from limited country only.Many people who are willing to invest on this platform are unable to invest .As you already said pynk is global and the global user must have right to invest on this platform .choosing the crowdfunding site which accepts the majority of country where pynk has its user is a Good idea. Good luck for this project and i am very much excited for it.


Yes @ZackofPynk this is exactly why I posted the info…so that fellow Pynksters are facilitated in finding solutions :sunglasses:
I hope very much that everyone can jump in ASAP!! :rocket::rocket::rocket::dart::smiley::smiley:


Hi there!

Just made a quick search for this project and found a platform that looks very interesting and has a similar mission to the #SOCIALINVESTING in the Pynk community. :exploding_head:

Republic is part of a family of startup platforms together with AngelList and Product Hunt

They have a focus on diversity, allows anyone to invest in startups with as little as $10 and accepts convertible notes.

Maybe is too focused on the US but is a good starting point:

May Visits: 341.65K
68.90% - United States
6.39% - India
2.35% - United Kingdom
1.83% - Mexico
1.79% - Canada


I second @MiguelCSardinha.

It would be great for accessing the US (if EU companies can fundraise there ofc).

Republic is a great platform with a community to match it. I have been interacting with it for a while now, reading their weekly newsfeed, attending webinars and interacting with the community.

Nevertheless, I’m unable to invest in any of the eye-catchy companies that fundraise because of not being a US citizen. :roll_eyes:



The point is that Republic looks a very good platform, since US Pynksters have a bigger slice in the pie back Pynk, complementing the limitation of countries from where Seedrs is able to accept investors.

There is a topic in Republic about international investors that states the following:

"Do I have to be a US citizen to invest?
No, there is no citizenship requirement to invest and Republic is open to anyone over 18.

Each company on Republic determines what types of investors they will accept, check each deal page for details. "


Thanks, everyone…
The research task is finished now, mission completed :+1:

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