Refreshing news from Davos?

Salesforce Founder Says Capitalism is Dead

It seems every year at Davos somebody speaks the truth.

This year it’s time for Marc Benioff (the main man from SalesForce).

It seems you have to get to multi-billionaire status to become more enlightened than the rest of the corporate masses.

This is in line with my belief that we don’t really live in a capitalist society any more - we live in a corporatist one, which is totally out of control.

What do you think when you hear people behind the biggest companies on the planet talking like this?

Source - Yahoo Finance


Thank for this great interview Seth.
I guess it can only be a good thing that high profile people like him begin to AT LEAST become aware and focus on the real need of the whole more than acting just for the benefit of the company.
There is always an “higher good” to act upon, which goes beyond the monetary interest and i believe the two things can go even well hand in hand where and when they are well planned.
I hope that 30% increases drastically troughout the years :grin:


We do need a major overhaul and it has to start somewhere. If Marc Benioff gets it started, good for him (and us)! It will take a lot more than one or two big corporations to really make the change. So yes, that is refreshing news.

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Really nice to hear him use his platform at Davos to make a point both about respecting and fighting for the rights of his LGBT staff and his duty to his staff in general.

Too many HR departments out there only interested to serve the needs of the corporation and not the needs of the employee.

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