Reading for Pynksters 🧐

Found this article on medium, quite an interesting read and he makes a few good arguments about Bitcoins legitimacy as ‘digital gold’

“Why Bitcoin Isn’t Digital Gold” by Concoda


@Al_Wallace Interesting post, especially as the BRICS ( Brazil, Russia, India, China amd South Africa are dedollarizing. China and Russia have been hoarding gold for the last 10 years or more.I see China’s CBDC being pegged to gold, if this happens the dollar will cease to exsist. However , BTC will also struggle to become a store of value.
The next 20-30 years we could see wide spread disruptive events that in my opinion force financial institutions to revaluate the current models. Fiat has a limited time, but I think in certain regions, it will still have relevance.
This articles quite good:


This is a very little book of 180 pages that will really enlighten your mind.
I read it many times and each time it helps me to regain self-confidence when I a little bit short of it and each times you can get something new from it.
Cheap but very worth reading!!!