Q4 2020 - WP Exchange 🎉

Hello Pynksters, :wave:

Yes, it’s here already. On December the 31st, we will be exchanging your earned Wisdom Points for a cash value. It’s finally time to receive your rewards for all your incredible hard work.

Remember, only qualifying Pynksters will be able to exchange as a minimum level of participation is required in order to exchange. The good news is that anyone who does not qualify will have their points carried over until the next exchange so, if you missed out this time, you’ll have a much better chance to qualify next time!

Please bear in mind that it is during the holiday period in the UK, so any correspondence you send us to hello@pynk.io, we may well take a little longer than usual to respond. So please bear with us.

Thanks to you all for all of your amazing ongoing support through an incredibly strange year!

See you soon :kissing_heart:

UPDATE: Exchange will be starting to reflect your wallets by 01 January 2021 - 09:00 AM (London Time), this might take several hours.

Eligibility Rule is min 38 predictions within this quarter and min 70K WPs. (Average stats of an active community member), your account must meet two of the min requirements, in other conditions, your balance will be rolled over to the next quarter.


How do I know if I have qualified?

You’ll be receiving an email shortly to confirm if you have qualified for this WP exchange, as well as an in-app notification. As always, only those Pynksters who have earned sufficient WP’s will qualify. In simple terms, the more you have predicted, the more likely it is that you will qualify.

If you didn’t make the cut this time around

Don’t panic! Your accrued WP’s will carry over and give you a great head-start so you can be sure to qualify for next exchange.

I’ve qualified (yay!) what do I need to do now?

Nothing really. If it’s your first time exchanging, you’ll be invited to progress with the KYC process. Remember that generally accepted forms of ID are Passports and Driving licenses. We realize that the KYC process isn’t as slick as it could be and are working on a solution that will make this process easier in the future. If you are struggling with KYC please contact us at the usual address and we will try to help you - hello@pynk.io. If you do not have ID you will not be able to pass KYC

Can I withdraw my earnings?

Not yet…but soon! Read more here - Once the investor wallet is launched, you’ll be able to withdraw any earnings as whenever you like. There are no lock-up periods or qualifying criteria as you get with some other projects out there. You earned it, it’s yours. Of course, we hope that you will keep your earnings in our managed portfolio and reap the rewards of compound interest over time - but that is entirely up to you!

How much are my WP’s worth?

This will vary from exchange to exchange, based on a number of factors, including how many WP’s you earned and what % of the total number of WP’s distributed those earnings make up. This will be divided by the total cash value that has to be spread amongst all the qualifying Pynksters. You will be given an estimated cash amount when your WP’s are converted so you will have a good idea of their value. It’s a bit like Christmas for Pynksters :santa:

Should you have any other questions regarding this - then please do ask in the comments below. (Check Pynkipedia)


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Disclaimer: Please remember, when investing your capital is at risk.


I can’t wait anymore.

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