Q3 2021 - WP Exchange 🎉

Well hello there, :wave:

Thanks to everyone for all your hard work this quarter. This month you’ve all been busy, with over half a million predictions and nearly 1.5 million forecasts made, it’s a wonder any of you get any sleep :slightly_smiling_face:

Speaking of sleep, that’s something our CS and product team have been lacking in these past few days, as they were hard at work figuring out everyone’s WP rewards…

Yes, it’s that time of year again, our Q3 WP exchange is here!


This time around, to qualify, users were required to: (in Q3 2021)

  • Make a minimum of 60 Predictions
  • Have made a minimum of 90 Forecasts
  • Must earn a minimum of $5 worth of WPs (if you didn’t meet this minimum, your WPs will carry over until next time)

In total, the current exchange value of this round will be approximately $15,000.

I qualified; Should I complete KYC?

Yes, if you have not already done so, and assuming you want to withdraw the value of your redeemed WP’s, you will need to go through the KYC process. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT KYC IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WITHDRAW OR DEPOSIT!

Can I withdraw my earnings?

Remember, the minimum amount to withdraw is $14, so it might be you won’t have quite enough to withdraw just yet. Keep up the great work and you should get there next time :pray:

As always, we try to make sure that the hardest working, most productive Pynksters are rewarded at each exchange. Thanks again for all your hard work! See you next quarter! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hit us up here, and we’ll be delighted to answer.

Best wishes,

Team Pynk


How many WP is $5 next round?..

I thought todays exchange the 255k WP equivalent of $14. I have 764k WP and i just received $19. :joy::joy:


Hi @Maesrael, great to see you around after all these years! :upside_down_face:
Yes, you are right, this quarter the competition was quite high, only last month +14K new Pynksters joined fyi. The average prediction payout was around $0.022, I do remember much higher payouts in the previous quarters. :seedling:


the rewards is damn too low, with all our inputs, the reward needed to be review.


Hi @lakenside, we have never had a chance to chat before, and sorry to start with that one. Pynk Project is where investors come around to make better investment decisions, rewards are only the fun part of it. Each quarter Pynksters shares the reward based on their contribution level. Naturally, it may go up or down. Some nice improvements are in the pipeline which we believe help core Pynksters more. Stay tuned! thanks.


What is the conversion rate?
Could you please provide us the details of what the conversion rate is based on?


Hello @yprasanth, I see why not :grinning:
the reason we don’t share is just confusing some Pynksters who are thinking WP/USD first but do not see any other thing :upside_down_face:, this rate changes each quarter based on the amount of WP holders by the eligible users divided by our payout budget of $15K USD. I know you like numbers so the latest conversion rate was $0.00002778, as mentioned in my other comments many works is getting done in the background to update this with your feedback, so if you have some good ideas, please DM me anytime you want. See you around! :wave:


the conversion rate is low but thank you guys for the pay glad to continue predicting on pynk


Thanks, @Vausaa, agreed. Early Pynksters earned some nice amounts back then, but don’t worry, we collect tons of great feedback about rewards and other fun elements from our amazing crowd and we are working on it. Things just takes time on regulated space a bit :slight_smile: :boom:


But i am enjoying myself with pynk. Hehehe. Hopefully nextquarter there is more surprise. Good luck pynksters.


Yeah, because last quarter i had 166k WP and i got $68. . That is why am surprise. :joy::joy::joy:, But its okay…


Can these be transferred over to the Thesis Portfolio? Think I did that last time.


Hi @edjallen :wave:

Yes, if your exchanged WPs are min £10, you may redeem them into Thesis Portfolio :moneybag:


@ZackofPynk - wow 14000 new pynksters, you guys must be mighty proud of what you are doing and heading. waiting for the new improvements too. Happy to be a part here. Hope i can contribute more.

@Maesrael - that 68$ was a big payout bro, congratulations for that.


Great work guys. Keep going :clap::clap::clap:


That is my earning since 2019, hehehe, ive been on pynk since then…


LoL, I thought same I had like 560k WP only got $14. Seems like it is getting harder to get share from now on. Next Quarter it might be even lower ($3-$4) with same amount of WP. $4 of shares in 3 month not worth in my opinion. :neutral_face:


Hi, my wisdom points withdrawn from my account but reward not received. Can you please take a look in to the matter?

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I had used and predicted in pynk for more than 5 months but my reward was approximately $10 . I couldn’t exchange these time also its not worth it now I have feeling that its just a waste of time.

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It says 193274 Q3 2021 WP exchanged, so its that 5 $ ? It get on some place? Don´t know where can i see it. ):

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