Q3 2020 - WP Exchange 🎉

Hi Pynksters :v:

It’s that wonderful time of year again! At the end of September, our third quarterly WP exchange will take place, the second last one of 2020 - and what a year it’s been!


How do I know if I have qualified?

You’ll be receiving an email shortly to confirm if you have qualified for this WP exchange, as well as an in-app notification. As always, only those Pynksters who have earned sufficient WP’s will qualify. In simple terms, the more you have predicted, the more likely it is that you will qualify.

If you didn’t make the cut this time around

Don’t panic! Your accrued WP’s will carry over and give you a great head-start so you can be sure to qualify for December’s exchange.

I’ve qualified (yay!) what do I need to do now?

Nothing really. If it’s your first time exchanging, you’ll be invited to progress with the KYC process. Remember that generally accepted forms of ID are Passports and Driving licenses. We realize that the KYC process isn’t as slick as it could be and are working on a solution that will make this process easier in the future. If you are struggling with KYC please contact us at the usual address and we will try to help you - hello@pynk.io. If you do not have ID you will not be able to pass KYC


Can I withdraw my earnings?

Not yet…but soon! Investor wallet is due to launch in soon (specific dates to follow soon so stay tuned!) Once the investor wallet is launched, you’ll be able to withdraw any earnings as whenever you like. There are no lock-up periods or qualifying criteria as you get with some other projects out there. You earned it, it’s yours. Of course, we hope that you will keep your earnings in our managed portfolio and reap the rewards of compound interest over time - but that is entirely up to you!

How much are my WP’s worth?

This will vary from exchange to exchange, based on a number of factors, including how many WP’s you earned and what % of the total number of WP’s distributed those earnings make up. This will be divided by the total cash value that has to be spread amongst all the qualifying Pynksters. You will be given an estimated cash amount when your WP’s are converted so you will have a good idea of their value. It’s a bit like Christmas for Pynksters :santa:

Should you have any other questions regarding this - then please do ask in the comments below.


Can I ask what the eligibility criteria was for Q3?


Welcome to the community @cravenheart. I don’t know how long you have been predicting, but when I was new, I didn’t qualify for the first quarter of my participation.( I’m sure someone from team Pynk can give a more detailed explanation) Please don’t be discouraged. Keep predicting and while you’re here, read up on some of the other topics and share your thoughts.


hello @cravenheart, the team are all very busy working on the exchange this week so i cannot give you that information for now but, as Zack mentioned above, the criteria for qualification will change based on a few different factors (number of predictors, regularity of predictors) and the total fund available to be divided by the qualifying Pynksters.

As this will change at every exchange the best way to guarantee to be included in the exchange is to predict as regularly as you can. Just because you qualified last time, does not mean you will necessarily qualify the next time. As I said, the key is regular, consistent predictions. So, if you have been predicting consistently since you joined the community in July, then your chances are better to qualify.

I hope that helps a bit.


Hello @cravenheart,

Welcome to Pynk Community Forum, as mentioned above, we check the average of Active Pynksters by the last day of the Quarter and define the min eligibility rule.

This Quarter whoever completed 66 and over predictions earned their grade in Wp Exchange of Q3 2020. Based on the Wisdom Points secured by a Pynksters their account is credited right away or invited to pass KYC now.

1221 New Pynksters invited this quarter :partying_face:


A lot of happy Pynksters today @ZackofPynk :man_dancing:


:partying_face::partying_face: :partying_face:
Reporting the happiness


Why my WP is deducted??
Plz anybody tell me??
And where does it goes??


hi @Four20, Assuming that you have made enough predictions to qualify for the WP exchange your Wps have been converted into a cash value.

Click on the wallet icon in the top left corner of the Beta app to see your cash value conversion


It is my 1000th prediction today.:grin::grin::grin:


Hi Pynksters , i have question , I had 367000 WP and had been converted to shares , and my shares became 25 share from 367000points , Is It correct ?I think must be 35, thank you :pray::fist:


good job @ematz09, one of the earliest Pynksters!


I saw a massive improvement in my WPs accrued over the last quarter. We movvvvvvve!!


What makes you think it should be 35, @Maratchaki?

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Nice one @2priceless! thanks for all your efforts!


So nice to hear I have qualified. Now I am waiting for the next mail with KYC instructions !


Amazing!! I’ll be reaching that in months.


Thanks, @LauraS and welcome to Pynk community, your first post I see.

If you have any issues with your KYC process please do contact us at hello@pynk.io :slightly_smiling_face:


Same goes for me. Last quarter I had 50k wps converted to 18 shares, now I had over 220k wps for 14 shares. I would really appreciate to know the conditions, otherwise those numbers seem bugy or kindof fake.


Hi @LauraS, welcome to the community :slight_smile:
Nice to hear you qualified.

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