Q2 2021 - WP Exchange 🎉

Hello everyone, :wave:

Well, the end of the quarter is here again, but what a quarter it’s been! We’ve seen the launch of Thesis Portfolio and its Investor Wallet, the brand-new action feed, as well as all the usual predictions, forecasts and weekly focuses from Pouneh and the rest of the IC. Phew! :sweat_smile:

Anyway, on to the bit you’ve all been waiting for! Our quarterly WP exchange…


This time around, to qualify, users were required to:

  • Make a minimum of 25 Predictions
  • Have made a minimum of 10 Forecasts
  • Must have a minimum total balance of $14 (this is the minimum amount to withdraw via the Thesis Portfolio)

In total, the current exchange value of this round to be approximately $15,000.

Great! I qualified; Should I complete KYC?

Yes, if you have not already done so, and assuming you want to withdraw the value of your redeemed WP’s, you will need to go through the KYC process.

If you didn’t make the cut this time around

Don’t panic! Your accrued WP’s will carry over and give you a great head-start so you can be sure to qualify for the next exchange. Just make sure you are actively contributing.


Hit us up here, and we’ll be delighted to answer.

Stay awesome,

Team Pynk


This is a truly nice news, Thank you so much Team Pynk❤️


The news we have been waiting for has arrived, great project. thank you


let’s say I have $10 as Wisdom Point, will I be able to invest it to pynk thesis portfolio? Or do I have to deposit from external source other than pynk’s wisdom point. I’m bit unclear on this


Thanks for your question @notsorichashmin.

If you are from UK (and soon EU) > redeeming WP’s into thesis portfolio requires min amount of £10 ($14).

Same amount is applied to withdraw your balance to Bank or LTC option.


when will the crowd redeeming for worldwide?:hugs::pray:t2:


How much wp points are needed for reach 14$?


This with each subsequent output need to check the personality? Or is it the last test KYC? It really delivers great inconveniences, and there are many projects on the market that allow you to receive long-term confirmation of documents from once for all time!


hi guys awesome news. my question is what its the exchange rate of the wisdom points ? i mean 10 k wp equals 1 usd or so… something like that.

thanks in advance


@ZackofPynk - Thank you so much for this WP exchange. Hopefully my ltc will be transferred hassle free like last time :slight_smile:

but since i am withdrawing major of my WP’s its kind of sad that wont qualify for forthcoming exchanges for quite sometime…if there are any other ways do share of increasing WPs.


Hello everyone,

Let me try to answer all your questions.

@raseshtalati there’s loads of ways to earn extra WPs - predictions, referring friends, answering forecast questions. The majority ofour users who log in on a daily basis are able to pass redeem at each WP conversion.

@leovhin worldwide redemption is now available for all users who qualified for at least one WP redemption.

@juan_asencio and @Mianvicky the value of WPs varies from quarter to quarter, so as we have said many times before here, we cannot tell you the exact value of 1 WP at any given time. It depends on a lot of factors like number of Pynksters who qualify, number of WPs earned, etc etc. If you check this forum you will see there is a thread similar to this one for each WP redemption, so you can check the average user earnings.

@DenzelEtherio Yes, KYC is no one’s favourite thing to do, but it is a legal requirement for us and so it would be disingenuous for us to suggest that it will definitely never be another KYC to pass. That being said, there are no current plans to ask our users to pass KYC in the future again.

I hope that helps, feel free to ask if you have any further questions.


Hi @Mianvicky , good questions, it does not work that way but approx. 225K WP was the equivalent of $14… or in a less complex way, 318 action completions (predictions or forecasts)


Hello, it´s nice but KYC shows an error and rejects me for a second time, what will happend with my wp´s ? and there´s another way to make KYC? im upset with that KYC third party app.


I have a question, i am from Zimbabwe, Africa. How do i benefit from this WP Exchange? I am first timer. How can i have a minimum of $14?


Hello @madcyborg, sorry to hear that, verifying yourself to the machines can be still tricky, or maybe you just some extra support on some details, try to email to our team, they managed to help many pynksters now. hello@pynk.io


Hiya @Ruez00 :wave:

It’s all about Pynk Crowd is working together and unlocking $15K at the end of a quarter. Please check min required criteria from this one and previous quarters, you will see how easy it is to qualify. as @Al_Wallace mentioned above, the key way to earn is consistency on predictions and forecasts. Referrals also can give a big boost too.

Hope this helps, and great to see you around here!


thanks a lot , i send an email with screenshots, i hope can help me


I wish you the best @madcyborg, I failed on my first try at too, proof of address is a tricky one to get :upside_down_face:


Perfect!Good jobs gays!!!


@Volodchenko I’m assuming you meant ‘guys’? :wink:

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