Q1 2021 - WP Exchange πŸŽ‰

Hi Pynksters, :wave:

Congratulations to those of you who made the cut for the end of quarter WP exchange!


This time around, to qualify, users were required to:

  • Make a minimum of 15 predictions
  • Have accrued a minimum of 85,000 WPs

In total, we predict the current exchange value of this round to be approximately $15,500.

Great! I qualified; Should I complete KYC?

No, as per our post from a few days ago, we have closed our KYC, in anticipation of a new provider coming in, ahead of the launch of the Investor Wallet. Please check that post to find out more about that. Fear not, your invitation to complete KYC will come soon enough :grinning:

I qualified, but what is the value of 1 β€˜point’?

You can head on over to your Pynk wallet now. There, for all eligible Pynksters, you will see an approximate cash value of your points!

If you didn’t make the cut this time around

Don’t panic! Your accrued WP’s will carry over and give you a great head-start so you can be sure to qualify for the next exchange.


When can I convert my points to cash?!

We know that many of you have been waiting for some time to be able to convert your points to cash, but we need to ask you to wait just a little longer. We are building something truly unique with Pynk, and to make sure that everything we do is legal, above board and, most importantly, that all your hard work is rewarded and that your points are safe, we need just a little more time. We’re so incredibly grateful for your patience, and we promise we are literally working day and night to make this happen!

Why is it taking so long for you guys to do this?

When we started Pynk we were optimistic about our timelines and it turns out we were wrong about those. Rather than promising another deadline we may miss, what we can say, we are now tantalisingly close to sorting this and all will be revealed soon! We have been knocking down the barriers to delivery, and we are on the final straight! We promise that this is gonna be great!


Hit us up here, and we’ll be delighted to answer.

Stay awesome,

Team Pynk


Congrats to everyone in Q1 2021 and all the daily winners!!
Tough quarter for predicting if you ask me.

This is the first time I’m excited about KYC provider news haha
dancing banana


Thank you for this! I’m glad I was able to reach the cut and receive my first reward. Looking forward for the new doors to open soon. :pray::ok_hand::hugs:

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Curious about the exchange where we can exchange our points?

Thank you for your great work and development! Still there is one change that you made this time which I would suggest to take back. In the wallet now it is possible to see only the total amount of the earned points (dollars). Earlier there was a track of each exchange. Can you bring it back, please!

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