Q1 2020 - WP Exchange 🎉

Hello Everyone :wave:

We’re happy to announce the very first exchange of 2020 :clinking_glasses:

Only eligible Pynksters received an in-app notification and an invitation email regarding this, and eligibility is based on the co-operative Pynk Model as we take “average Pynkster” numbers as criteria to define who is eligible.

This Quarter (between 01 JAN - 31 MAR 2020) an “Average Pynkster” predicted at least 36 times and secured a minimum of 12710 Wisdom Points.

If you did better than this, you will see your WP’s are exchanged into Shares or awaiting you to pass KYC now. Simply Click Menu > Invest to see your Pynk Wallet.

If you are below those numbers, worry not you will have a head start for the next quarter as your Wisdom points are rolled over now.

If you need any help do not hesitate to email us!


Is the minimum WPs required for exchange fixed or it will vary based on the average number of Pynkstars every quarter?


Min WP’s are defined as lowest payout can be done, in that case cost of average KYC is equals to 12710 WP’s. (Some might think KYC is free but it is costing Pynk therefore Pynksters each quarter)


I didn’t know it cost you guys. I appreciate your efforts. Thanks for the lesson. :champagne:


When does next quarter starts?
And what is the process for KYC…@ZackofPynk

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@dilmah21 Regarding when the next quarter starts, they start/end every 3 months, so the next one will start on the first day in July.