Pynkster tweeps 🐦

Hi Pynksters :wave:

Just a reminder that if you want to stay up to date with all things Pynk - News, updates, competitions and more, you can follow us on our two twitter pages: and Pynk community

Pynk community is also a great way to stay in touch with us and ask questions, remember that replies may take longer outside of UK office hours. See you there!


Awesome resources @ZackofPynk! People need to know Pynk has presence on social networks too and Pynk Community is a tool not only to announce but to stay in touch with community members on those channels too.

We have an official “twin Pynk Twitter account”…but in Spanish, so if you are a dedicated Pynkster but you can´t read english and want to follow the news in spanish language you can give it a follow: Pynk Español :+1:

Tenemos también, oficialmente, una “cuenta de Twitter gemela”…pero en idioma Español, así que si eres un Pynkster dedicado pero no saber leer en inglés y quieres seguir las noticias en idioma español pueder comenzar a seguir a esta cuenta: Pynk Español :+1: