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Let’s share financial news you StumbleUpon daily here which you think it would be beneficial to fellow Pynksters forecast/predict or ease the information flow. :nerd_face:


:scream: The SEC is reportedly investigating how Slack and other tech unicorns were opened for trading on their first day as public companies


Gold news:


Who follows Palladium? #Pal

Growing demand and uncertain futures: the rise of palladium

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Tesla surges above $US500 for first time, leaving analysts in the dust :scream:

Tradingview - Tesla


This chart is beginning to look like Bitcoin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns :chart_with_downwards_trend: :bar_chart: :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Palladium: The Best Commodity, Three Years Straight

In 2019, palladium finished as the best performing commodity for the third straight year — this time, with a 54.2% return.

Oil and Gas: Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

As key energy commodities, oil and natural gas have an inherent connection to one another.

“That’s Gold, Jerry!”

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that gold and silver had a bounceback year.

Gold gained 18.3% to finish with the best return the yellow metal has seen in a decade. Silver followed suit with a similar story, rallying 15.2% over the calendar year.

Get your mind blown on the source here.


10 ETFs That Have Been Investors’ Favorites

The popularity of ETF investing has been rising since its inception about 26 years ago. Assets held by U.S. listed ETFs have now surged to more than $4.4 trillion

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Really good visual of the periodic table :eyes:, great share Zack.

Silver is at a near all time high Gold to Silver Ratio at 86.7, potential for a big upside move
if history is repeated. Good time to stock up?

Read the resource here


If this is true it there are very interesting things coming soon.


I dont know if this is good or not. What is your take about this subject?

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I’m a little confused by it. I thought ICOs were to introduce crypto coins. Now the crypto companies want to have IPOs? I think it may be better to keep them separate. I mean, wasn’t the idea of cryptos to be nonregulated by the government?


@Tradelta I also don’t know if it is good or bad, but my first thought was it is good because it will make crypto a part of economy even more and the companies like ripple will need to be more transparent.

@KarenM In terms of Iphone and Apple I see ICO and IPO like investing in making the phone and investing in the company, they probably have more products and services. Change in value of the company shouldn’t have the same effect on the value of the coin, same goes for other way around.
Just like price of gold doesn’t move mining company value exactly the same way.


Oh, I see what you’re saying @predictor. Using ripple as the example…xrp is just the coin, but the company handles cross border payments and working with banks and doing other things. So, the coin ( ico) stays separate from the IPO . Investors can buy coins or buy shares in the company. Yes, they will have to be more transparent, which is a benefit to the investor.


They are separate. For ripple, the coin has been introduced. They probably want the public to own a piece of the pie. It will be good for them in my opinion.


Jeff Bezos Sells $1.8 Billion of Amazon Stock in Two Days After Surge

Nice moment to sell the stocks, in the days of reaching all time high price.


Interest rate isn’t stated for the whole period but it seems it can be pretty low, nice way to keep companies that are in trouble liquid and to stimulate the market.


Chinese supporting their own. That’s a great move.

Nice read from yesterday about what is this new solar power technology and why is a fossil fuel company involved into it.


Never heard of doughnut model, it seems very interesting


Wow…this article was awesome Karlo! Thank you for sharing! I like espexially this section: “The world is experiencing a series of shocks and surprise impacts which are enabling us to shift away from the idea of growth to ‘thriving’, Raworth says. “Thriving means our wellbeing lies in balance. We know it so well in the level of our body. This is the moment we are going to connect bodily health to planetary health.”

It goes very much in line with the concept of ANTIFRAGILE put out from Taleb Nassim.