Pynkster feedback thread

@Jmiah_Ferrer let us know if doesn’t gp through in next week or so we will chase it for you :+1:

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@Maurice it’s coming and we are working on it asap, we will update in soon, apologies for delay - it’s a tricky thing to do as a startup because of regs etc.

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It was @Think_Pynk (thank you! :man_cartwheeling:t3:) who glanced over my LinkedIn profile that got me looking into Pynk. Given my interest in investment management, private equity and financial technology, the attraction to Pynk came by inertia.

I find that Pynk has a well-rounded set of core values which align with the mission it sets itself to accomplish. Despite being around for a short time, I get the feeling that the accent is put on people. Drawing from the crowd system as well as the community forum, I am glad to see that people’s opinions are valued and that incentives are aligned to learn through iteration.

Having previously followed an educational system that promotes hyper competitivity, incentives were, unfortunately, focused on stacking my abilities against the others rather than focusing on ways to help me reach my best version but studying abroad helped me recalibrate my perception of competitiveness (I do have a healthy amount of it :man_dancing:t3:).

Bearing this in mind, I feel that team Pynk has a good understanding of human behaviour and knows how to incentives people on top of creating a nurturing digital environment (I’m frankly passionate about behavioural economics). This is ultimately what brought me here!

Good job to everybody! :grin:

As for improvements, I am scouting and will raise any asap :nerd_face:.


Joined pynk from the blogs reviews.