Pynk's 2021 Roadmap Feature Preview - Trifecta Analysis

Hi Pynksters, :wave:

One of the features in our 2021 roadmap is our unique Trifecta analysis (working title).

Using this simple tool, which will be powered by thousands of data points from readily available financial data and our 48,000 strong Crowd, we seek to empower users with the ability to screen equities, at a glance, and identify companies with high growth potential.

At this early, conceptual stage we’d really appreciate your feedback. To this end, please review the concept imagery below:

In each example, we will ask our Active Pynksters to review individual public companies. Users will be asked to rate each company on 3 main criteria - Momentum, Quality and Value. Using these insights, we will assign a score for that company, to each category.

In example 1, we can see the crowd data rating for ‘Quality’ - represented by the darker blue colour - is quite high, signifying strength in this area. In the second and third examples, the crowd data is represented by the pink colour. In these examples, the rating for ‘Quality’ is 1, which would tell us the crowd believes that the company in question has underperformed in this area.

The idea is that our users can leverage this both to gain quick insights into public companies in anticipation of conducting deeper analysis, and as a monitoring tool to stay up to date with the evolution of public companies’ prospects over time.

But what do you think?

Which option do you prefer? Both aesthetically and logically speaking. DO you have suggestions on how we could make this data easier to understand. We welcome your ideas, feel free to upload sketches of your ideas or just some general comments.

Stay awesome :v:


I love option 3! It’s the easiest to interpret. Having the Pynk logo as the background/separation for the three categories is clever and relevant to the entire project. …Whereas #2 the distinction isn’t quite clear (at least not on my phone) and #1 I do like the Pynk logo but the image doesn’t ‘pop’ with the two shades of blue (the key underneath, the 2 blues look almost the same).
So for me… definitely #3…as always-Great work guys!!


This will be a very handy tool.

I suggest something like options 2 or 3… these are the easier ones to interpret.


Option 1 looks superb and advanced, I immediately connected it like something you would see when comparing players on Fifa or Football manager even though I didn’t play them for years haha
I think it would look more intuitive if space inside pink squares gets divided into 3 equal parts.

Option 3 looks like something everybody would quickly understand when they first see it.

So I would love to use option 1 but I understand if option 3 gets picked.


Gotta be :three: for me, please.


I would like to have option 1 but only without pink Pynk areas :), if they dont have any special purpose, its just distracting me. If they have some purpose, I would vote for option 3.
Actually does it have any meaning? With option 2 and 3 I can see three “levels” - what does it mean if there is only 1 lvl or all 3 colored? Similar question can be asked with option 1 - do the sizes of the triangles matter?

What comes to my mind is also the data set - will there be information about how many pynksters validated the company? It will probably be a difference if its 500 people or 5k.

Will there be some data analysis later which will tell us how much are crowd and your financial analysis precise?

When asking for review, will you provide at least some links where could one find info about the company in question? If there are some rewards for doing it, it could avoid people talking about companies they actually dont know since they wont be forced to google it - well everyone should do the research but there are also lazy people I heard…



In my opinion option 3 without a single doubt is a great work of design (bringing the pynk logo into the Trifecta) and to me is also more understandable than the first two options.


To me option 1 is the easiest to understand, as it clearly shows how crowd data and financial data overlap. Maybe crowd data could be also in pink color with set transparency, as in theory crowd data could be of larger value than the financial, in such case the financial data may not be visible (would be hidden behind dark blue color)
And agree with @romczacz that the huge Pynk logo there is rather confusing.

The option 3 is clever way how to subtly incorporate Pynk’s logo, however, I would see some improvements:

  1. instead of dark grey color use white or the same color as the background. Otherwise I was searching for the meaning of the dark grey color as only blue and pink colors are labeled.
  2. if you have only 3 levels in each triangle, the values are then 0, 33, 66 and 100 %. Maybe split to 4 so that the option of 50/50 would be included? (0, 25, 50, 75, 100%) or even remove the inner lines so you are free to have any percentage (length of the area) there

    (tried to remove inner lines completely, it looked weird, so maybe just one inner line signalizing 50%)

In my opinion, I take the daring to propose a fourth option where I would keep the figure of option 1 but the rating would not represent it with the blue figure but within each space that makes up the pynk logo, stipulated on a scale from 0 to 3, and represented in pink, that is, the larger the scale, the larger the figure’s fill.

Options 2 and 3 confuse me because I don’t understand what the colours black and blue represent


I like a lot the ideas of Marek and Rosada.

I am between/or a combination of option 1 & 3, since are immediately associating with Pynk’s logo. Clever idea.

I don’t like the grey color in options 2/3, I couldn’t understand the meaning of it.

Aesthetically speaking, I prefer option 1, for the reasons Marek’s mentioned already, but indeed choose a different color for crowd and financial analysis.

Also I am not sure about the lines on the pink areas, but i cannot think something else to be replaced with, right now…

You need “something” to illustrate the classification/categorization of the ratings (values, numbers or percentages), (apart from stronger or lighter colors) on these pink areas; “something” to attract the interest of younger generations (not too much gamification though), and appealing on older generations (not to look like a university financial class) at the same time.


Welcome to the community @annamakra ! I love that you stepped right in with some ideas! Share your thoughts on some of the many interesting topics here in the forum
Glad to have you here.


Hello Rosanda,
They want to use two sets of data - one is from pynk users and one is from financial analysts. Therefore the idea of having two colors.

I was thinking to use two transparent colors overlapping in this logo as you mentioned.
The confusing part may, however, happen if the users value (e.g in :red_circle: color) and financial value (e.g. :large_blue_circle: color) will be the same - then the transparency overlap would create one purple color :purple_circle:
:man_shrugging: :crazy_face:


Thanks to everyone for your comments.

Some really useful feedback, which we will certainly bear in mind as we work towards a working product. How does everyone feel in general about the idea of an ‘at a glance’ stock analysis tool? This tool would obviously just serve as a starting point for deeper research.


Lost in action, but I’m back and happy to see this communities stronger than ever. Hope to enage more in the coming weeks. Still a Pynksters.


Hey, @JonPynkster great to see you are fine and sound! :pray:


Thanks Zack, I felt a real pressure to deal with domestic stuff, strange times as you know. Life goes on and so does Pynk. Great feeling about all the new developments. Can’t stop us now.

Oh yeah, it’s got to option 3


Hi Al,

My opinion is, since Pynk is in the beginning of the business journey, to focus on education, trends and sectors analysis.

I am not sure whether you have the resources (at least now) for individual stock analysis. Perhaps add this feature in the future.


I spent time thinking about the graphic, and found all options really “busy” and visually confusing, with exception of marek’s design which is cleanest and has modern esthetic. The problem of incorporating the pynk logo in to the graphic is a challenge: logo is already multisectional and therefore "full’ to the eye already.

My idea is to keep it small, like in the marek’s design, but give it more central positioning. Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 19.57.29


In my opinion I think the third one would be more simpler to understand.


My opinion is that if you put it centrally, then the eye focuses on the logo and not on the actual data analysis. It needs to be present, like in Marek’s design or the initial option 1, but not “too much” central or big, that will distract the mind from the analysis.

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