Pynk on Decentraland

A crypto exchange recently had a Christmas party with a guest dj on interesting ethereum blockchain platform called Decentraland and what I saw there looks very much like something that is made for Pynk.
In this youtube video you can see how the event looked.

So what you see there is a building that looks like a giant squid and hear electronic music but there is much more to that haha

Here are 3 pictures of the inside of the buidling so you don’t need to look in the video, that is the main spot where you want to get the people.

In the main room they have posters that tell more about the company, ticker with 3 asset prices, a TV where a video from Youtube is playing if you point your
mouse on it, bellow the TV are the links for social media accounts and there is ofcourse a cool looking holographic logo that turns around the middle of the room.
All of those things can be seen when standing in 1 place and user can easily move couple of steps and interact with them.

Roof top area is a place where you have a smaller open space to interact with people and look around.

There is a big square in front of the bulding where a lot of people can interact with each other or a bot.
There are also light effects on the square that turn off when there is no party.

To me it looks like a cool place to gather Pynksters from time to time and an edgy way to attract new users so they can see what is Pynk about.
The building described above can easily be converted for Pynk use case with links to blog posts, prediction page, teaser video,…

Why I think it is possible that Pynk can really have some use of it is because everything works from the browser (no installs needed), it’s free for users visiting, if you enter from guest mode you need 30 sec to load the world (literaly few clicks, enter a username and accept ToS).
Users can open new tabs and switch between without a problem.

The price for that over the top idea is the biggest disadvantage for Pynk in this stage, platform works in a way that you RENT a parcel in a district you like and use it as you like.
Prices seem ridiculous to me since ASK price for 1 unit of land is around 650 usd, land size in the video is 221 units.
A parcel above the one from the video with size of 45 units has an asking price of 120k usd.
But those are price for normal users and they are negotiable, for a companies maybe works differently.

By making a Pynk HQ there you get some kind of physical place in virtual world (3d website) and by making events with music you make community a bit closer and potential new users that join the event are right away getting that Pynk community feeling while reading about Pynk for the first time.

Here is the link to the Kraken HQ if you want to take a look around.
Just click on play as a guest and if you don’t want to customize your character click OK and you are in.

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