Pynk - Monthly Investor Update - January 2021

Hello Pynksters👋 ,

@mark, our CIO, has just released his inaugural, monthly Investor Update.

Each month he will be giving you his perspective on market trends, reflecting on the performance of our Thesis Portfolio and keeping you up to date with all things Pynk!

It really does make for an insightful and revealing read. :grinning:


Capital at risk.


Very interesting, thanks!


Good one, Very nice to see new news.

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After reading this report my hunt feels completed haha
For a fund I truly belive it aims for the highest levels, is capable to react very fast to anything happening on the markets and gets in early.

One of the more general parts that caught my eye was

“whatever the view, we can be wrong and we can be early, which is almost the same, so you have to construct a portfolio for multiple scenarios.”

After an experience with a stock that went from 0.25 eur to over 500 over period of 25 years.
If I had to choose between holding it myself again or letting it go for this approach to move it around, I would choose this without much thinking.

And I see no other way to find something similar when opportunity presents itself.
It’s not even necessary to see it an get in on day 0 but atleast be able to find it on any other day that is good.

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