Problem regarding KYC Verification

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I just want to share my problem regarding KYC. I am from Nepal and in my country, it’s very difficult to get a passport document and have to wait for more than a month after applying an application for it. So I will not be able to verify my KYC at Pynk for a few months maybe, so I just want to ask a question,

  1. Will I stay eligible to be a shareholder of Pynk if I didn’t pass my KYC for some months?

  2. Will I lose my Pynk shares if I become unable to pass KYC?


Hello @moneybijay :wave:

Thanks for your message, and answer is very simple here at Pynk. :brain:

1- If you can’t pass KYC, that means you can not get your shares, which does not make you a “shareholder”. KYC is mandatory :nerd_face:

2- No, we will hold them for you until you pass through the KYC :bank:
Your earned shares are yours :+1:


Welcome @moneybijay. Even though you are having KYC issues, you can still be a part of the PYNK community. Read the many interesting topics. Add you thoughts. Head to the introduction page and tell us about yourself .


Where to get KYC verification?
I don’t seem now in my portfolia now.


Hi @dilmah21, your best option is to email

They would be able to tell you if your country is eligible.


Shall I send email ryt now or when they asking me for KYC then??@stackem

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Hello fellas, I just want to inquire if I can submit other government-issued ID aside from Passport ID for my KYC verification? Thank you so much… :relaxed:


Hi @sharm26. Please email the team:.