Powerfoyle: Transforming light into clean, endless energy 💫

Wow, anyone come across this yet?

Product Hunt: Powerfoyle

Web: Powerfoyle

if this ever comes to market it’ll revolutionize the battery/charger industries!

Unfortunately data on this is all a bit sparse, their web site is hopeless. Just hope there is a working viable product out there.


Greg…This seems to be a great piece of nanotechnology!
I was for a good period of time involved in researches in the direction of nanotechnology to replicate the work of Nature.

It always fascinated me how the plant world is able to harvest the field spectrum from the Sun from above, convert it into energy in conjuction with the materials absorbed by the earth from below, and breath out Oxygen as WASTE PRODUCT (hilarious indeed :joy::joy::joy:)…complete opposite work of human body if you think about it (SUPER HILARIOUS INDEED!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:).

There are some other scientic organization which are trying to achieve this from other perspective.
This Powerfoil could be very good replica…hope their technology is good enough to break trough the market!


Nano tech is really exciting mate, we live in a remarkable time :exploding_head:
You used to work in nano tech research Stefano? Awesome bud, how did you find it?


Ahahah Greg, nowadays with internet you just have to be curious enough. The story goes like this:

Since forever I am passionate of Science, Natural phenomenas and especially the work of Celestial bodies.

Pushed by my curiosity some year ago I found this Iranian Nuclear Phisicist called Keshe, founder of Keshe Foundation which is a scientific no-profit organization which studies Gravity and phenomena related to it…like how Celestial bodies moves in respect each other, how matters are created, absorbed and so on.

He was claiming to have found a way to harvest CO2 by the use of a simple system which works exacltly how a leaf works. It absorbs CO2 from the environment, creating amino acid source and O2 as by product. To put in place this system he elaborated a simple way to make nanomaterial from the copper itself…very cheap way replicable at home.

There are a lot of reasearch going on all over the world within that foundation made by indipendent reasearchers, some time with some result, some with good result and some with no results. Aĺl about experimentation.

Nowadays i still look with interest at his research which one day, IF confirmed and accepted could allow humanity to travel in the depth of space without rocket propulsion and burning fuel to sustain the human life outside the boundary of our atmosphere.

There is A LOT of controversy in regard of this so called Plasma Science in the scientific world, because it puts in discussion many of the laws that science established trough history.
I cannot really say that it is 100% correct or 100% wrong…or maybe there is really something that needs to be studied more in depths…can’t really say this for sure.

In any case, by experimenting indipendently for some year I was involved in the production of these systems to harvest CO2 and so in the production of nanomaterials.


It’s a rabbit hole that sucks you in eh?
If someday free energy becomes a real and viable science ( I neither agree or disagree with the conspiracy theories :crazy_face:) then the world would be in a whole lot of a better shape :+1:.


Wow, nice find mate @stackem like you said bit of a shame there isn’t more info but we’re definitely living in exciting times that’s for sure!


Eh…I guess this is a false belief. Being for some extent into the reasearch i can try to explain.
The terms FREE is no real thing. Nothing is free.
Most probably we still have no access to a SOURCE which is still not considered.

For example, the foundation i was mentioning tries to tackle into the gravitational and magnatical field of the matter. Earth is a BIG MAGNET as any other celestial body.
What IF we could harvest the Magnetic fields and use it as source of energy?
At that point, being the planet itself THE SOURCE, do we have the need to harvest anything at all?

Just this aspect, has many implications. What do we do if some day we find it is possible? This has been discussed many times. Do we destroy the whole society of today, built on top of the energy market?
Would “the world really be in a whole lot of a better shape”? In the end yes…but for sure AFTER an economical shock that eventually will cause a major CHAOS.
It is far more complicated than one can figure out at first.:scream:

In my opinion is not so much that there are EVIL FORCES which do not allow the breaktrough of cleaner and more available kind of energies.
It is more like that there is a lot of right skepticism and failures in the process of research.

Let’s say that I am very open minded to the possibility of discovering new energy sources, but I am also very skeptical when something is presented…especially when it is something which puts in discussion hundreds of years of past knowledge.
In the very end a dreamer who likes the idea of a world which is fair 360° and very curious to test first hand new ways of doing.

So yes…it is definitely a rabbit hole that sucks you in ahahah​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Lol, it was a bit tongue in cheek mate :love_you_gesture:
This came up a few times when studying thermodynamics on mechanical engineering degree, that’s why I linked to the conspiracy page :rofl:.
Although reading through Tesla’s work you kind of wished it to be true.


SOOOOO TRUE…i like very much Tesla’s theories :fire::fire::fire:
Conspiracy theories too are really fascinating…could talk for hours about thesekind of topics sorry to be so long in exposure :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


No worries mate, makes great reading :grin:


the site is not completely designed or maybe my internet is not fast enough to catch the high graphic :grin:
The idea is great but there are many theories and research going on and I hope we will soon have a great product as we entered a time when, I think, our demand for consumption of energy is higher than ever before and it will increase higher.


Perhaps this could make the cryptocurrency mining industry more green…?


Looks like great technology. Like you mentioned, information is sparse, but it is definitely a project to be followed.
JBL has already partnered up with Exeger for the development of “wireless headphones with virtually unlimited playtime”, which are supposed to hit the market in October.
It will be interesting to see further applications for this technology, which to me seem boundless.


It may be a huge change!!!