Peloton the next generation of high tech fitness

Hey guys! Like the topic suggest this is about the company called Peloton which offers a superinteresting high tech fitness pack.
I discovered it just few hours ago, digging a bit after reading this really interesting blog from one of my fellow bloggers on the Coil platform. Check this out!!

The stock is called PTON and you can find more infos on their site which i link down here if you like to get more infos:

ROCK :metal::sun_with_face::heart:


@Tradelta Peloton has benefitted immensely from the lockdown. The stock is +160% aprox. from its pre-crash price (+260% from the March low). About two weeks ago they published the latest quarterly results, surpassing all expectations.

Although in the longer term, post-covid, I doubt the demand for its product/service will maintain its current trend. Doubtless, it is a company to have on the radar. :point_up_2:


Peloton surely has promising market potential for years to come. Putting future employment trends into perspective, the prospect of living in a work-from-anywhere world is set to disrupt the business models of gyms in Peloton’s favour.

I think it is fair to expect waves of people relocating to the ‘countryside’ in the coming decades in pursuit of a better quality of life as remote working proliferates. Commuting to the gym won’t be desirable. Hence, bringing the gym experience in your home is one way to go at it.

I have recently read about products boasting personalised training experience such as smart mirrors. It is surely an emerging field, and being among first-comers may yield some benefits to Peloton. I am eager to see how they diversified their product offering moving forward.