Nori: Carbon Removal Market 🌎

The media in the last few years have consistently stressed the need to cut down on Carbon emissions, a beneficial act of course, but removing carbon from the atmosphere which is already present seems an all together better strategy.

The tech to remove carbon from the atmosphere already exists but scaling up to the required capacity is financially prohibitive.

Nori seems to have found an answer, create a new pathway for voluntary carbon sequestration via regenerative farming systems.

Enter Nori. We’re a platform that is unlike any other carbon market that precedes us. We’re not just building a better market for corporations to offset their emissions. That’s not thinking big enough. What we’re making is an API for reversing climate change.

The platform runs on top of blockchain technology, transparent and immutable. Buying carbon removal is easily performed on their site as well as the option to act as a supplier or verifier.

Every day activities can be potentially off-set by paying for the removal of equal quantities of any carbon you’ve created .

Imagine placing an order on Amazon, and then in real-time Amazon pays for removing the emissions required to deliver that product to your door. Or you take an Uber/Lyft ride, and at the end of the ride a sponsor plays an ad in the app and they automatically remove the emissions from that ride. Carbon removal should be invisible and happen automatically in the background of everyday life.

We ALL need to help redress the balance of climate change, this gem on Product Hunt I think can empower any of us to do just that, in our own little way. :grinning:

By the way, who knew about no till cropping system? Years old farming practice which is ecologically superior in every way to modern hard steel tillage, things you learn eh? :wink:


Greg @stackem…this is cooooool!!! Thank you very much! I am very much environment oriented because I think this will be THE CHALLENGE that we as human race will be asked to commit ourself.
This is also the main reason I am not so much a BTC fan…anyway…this NORI thing is absolutely interesting.
I need to delve more into this.

Thank you for this hunt!!:heart::heart::heart:


Thanks @Tradelta :pray: it’s a great concept isn’t it, I’m surprised it hasn’t been scaled before now.

Curious Stefano, is it because you believe bitcoin to be environmentally bad that your not a fan?


Yes Greg! That is exactly the main and only reason.
Actually i am very open to change my mind in that regard if someone brings me some valuable argument…but today to me is like if one wants to go on steam train while there is already electric train available…
Greed can’t always overcome good common sense…


It’s a lot greener than is often expressed Stefano.
A quick Google search shows between 70-80% renewable usage, the latest figures will be higher.
If you consider that miners are a business, they need the cheapest possible energy to turn a better profit, they will site up near hydro-electric generators, solar farms, wind farms etc.
Using the excess from flaring natural gas on drilling rigs is now being developed, so it’s twice as green as it’s using the waste that would be flared to generate electricity to feed the mining rigs :grin:.

It’s true around 64TWh of electric is used to secure the network and yes that’s more than Switzerland, Ireland and dozens of other nations, but it’s where the energy is being produced that counts.

Hope this helps mate, dive into a deep search on this, I think it’s getting more environmentally responsive as it brings down mining costs year on year. :heavy_dollar_sign:


Wow…this i never considered…i’ll ponder on this aspect! Thank you Greg!!