NHS is for grabs in post Brexit Britain

The process of privatisation of NHS is well on it’s way, but the way it is done is quite surreptitious and slow (ish). The establishment on both sides of the political divide (if such a divide does in fact exists) is helping this to be achieved.

An important 20 year long (so far) initiative of training, lectures and seminars that has been undertaken to be attended by all levels of management to persuade them of wisdom, morality and inevitability of privatisation, while underscoring potential for profiting from the change.

I quite fancy investing in companies that will be chosen to digitalise ( attempt no. 1000000 + n) the NHS data:

£8bn NHS Health Data Plan: Tech Arm Set Up Without Oversight Official Watchdog Reveals – Byline Times

The current players are conveniently listed here:


Interesting article Eva,

It’s frustrating, especially bearing in mind the current pandemic situation, to see such a valuable public service as the NHS so woefully behind when it comes to technology and data. :man_shrugging:


Please remember that when trusts were set against each other (internal competition) at the start of 90ties, it precluded any cooperation between IT departments (and any other departments - FREE sharing of best practice was kneecapped). This was just one example where NHS was set up to slowly crumble, another was the obligation to find 2.5% savings, every single year, on all budgets.

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