New look forum!

Who’s loving the great new look feel on the forum?

Thanks to @deyner1984 and the rest of the team for working hard behind the scenes to create the updates!

We’ve got so much amazing content coming for you soon, I don’t want to give too much away but it’s really going to blow your socks off! :smiley:


I Like it very much Al!! This combo of colors make the forum look far more chic than before :grin:
Good job guys!! :muscle:


The pink-coloured logo looks good on the dark-coloured background.
Somehow I feel that my eyes are more relaxed with the dark color on a monitor, so I am happy with this change :+1:


Please, could you work on the dark theme as well :sweat_smile:. Will be grateful. Looking forward to the :exploding_head: updates


Looking good for sure! I also see now some of those ‘investor badge icons’. Great work guys❤️


Looking sleek! Logo pops out nicely :pynk:


It’s a nice upgrade!.. I like it much better, and from what I read in this thread, pynksters are happy with the change.
Great work @deyner1984 :clap: :clap: :clap:, can;t wait for what’s coming up next @Al_Wallace :grin:, lots of things happening lately @ Pynk


Thank you all for your kind words, @Tradelta, @Marek, @kaabayahaya, @KarenM, @predictor and @mosigman :pray: :raised_hands:

In fact, it looks better than ever. :slight_smile: Forum color scheme changes according to the color palette choosen for main Pynk website, so we are able to keep the brand colors accross all websites we have.

We are happy you all like the change but this was not just the work of a single man, others had a lot to do with this change: thanks to @Think_Pynk for the guidance and @Daryl for his awesome designs!!


I’m not sure how it used to look like before, but it definitely looks amazing now. Just one little thing that’s bothering me a bit: when I reply to a thread or comment, a modal pops up instead of a regular textbox. I sense it could have been introduced to navigate more freely and I’ll probably get used to it as well. Right now, it just feels a bit strange (like all new things).

I’ll keep digging into the threads and let you know if anything else comes up. Special shoutout to the intro by discobot - that’s amazing :heart_decoration:


Ohh, according to most people here it used to look good but now it looks better :smiley:. We work hard to make the experience of discussing, learning and exchanging information here truly enjoyable for everyone and the look&feel of forum has a lot to do with this, so thanks for your kind words.

That’s the way Discourse forums works: when you reply to a topic or a comment inside a given topic, a window opens from the bottom of the forum. According to Discourse creators this is the best way to keep the interface clean giving you the ability to reply while reading the full thread…This way you can “quote” parts of the comment you’ve replied or quote parts of other comments in the same thread in a single answer.

You will get used to this way to reply very soon!! It is awesome indeed and very comfortable. If want to know more about what you can do to power your conversation skills here by using the right tools please, when have come time, check here: Tips for effective conversation: replies, quotes, and replying as a new topic :pray: :+1:


Awesome, thanks for taking the time to explain it to me. Appreciate it :blush: Guess I just haven’t been to modern forums for a long time. I can totally agree with “keep the interface clean giving you the ability to reply while reading the full thread” already :wink:


Is the font style changed?

It seems better all of the sudden hahaha


It is changed…I really like it. Never thought there was anything wrong with the old one but…wow! Good move!


@KarenM @predictor, yes, forum font type changed to match Pynk main website font type.

Every day a new change…for better!! Glad you like it. :beers:



I also noticed the emoticon for equity investor changed. I like the angel, but wish the background was still green(for money). When those green ones showed up recently, they really stood out!



I had a few ideas for the site you guys may be interested in:

  1. What category of company should Pynk be called? Right now Pynk is a wealth management app, but for me that doesn’t really resonate with what the company is all about. Inspired by EMX Royalty i like the idea of Pynk as the People powered wealth generator. I think this would appeal across the political and social spectrum. What do you guys think? Do you have any Pynk categories?

  2. How does Pynk make the business world accessible to new groups of people? For me a CNBC for millennials could be really something that could engage a whole new audience. There would be plenty of ways to make it something that younger audiences would regularly tune in for. So many financial people can be funny and interesting in their own idiosyncratic way. They love to comment on twitter, why not bring them to the big screen alongside stars of the Pynk community?


Hi @anthony, thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately, for the first, whilst i agree the title of ‘people-powered wealth generator’ is pretty cool. I doubt we’d get that past the FCA in the UK - they are pretty strict when it comes to trying to sell the idea that you are going to make people ‘wealthy’ and we’d like to think we take a more measured approach than that, that we offer people the tools to make smarter investment decisions.

For the second, another interesting idea. We do like to think that we are helping bring some ‘financial enlightenment’ to our crowd members and we have a roadmap for different ways we can do that and that includes some interesting ideas about reaching out to a nice cross-section of people in various formats. I personally believe the format of Television is struggling these days and will eventually make way for a much more on-demand, internet-enabled service.

Let me finish by saying thanks for thinking of us. Your a great example of what we love to see from our Pynkl community - working together and not being shy to come forward with ideas and suggestions. We cannot guarantee we will use them all obviously but the opportunity to consider those ideas and discuss them is everything that’s great about a forum like this. So thank you, it is very much appreciated.

What do other Pynksters think? Fancy a Pynk powered TV channel? maybe you have another idea you’d like to share? let’s hear them!

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