New Asset Provider

Hi Everyone,

We are happy to announce a change to the asset price data provider. As this is a backend update, for most features you won’t feel a difference.

Why have we done it then? We have gotten some reports from users that some asset prices were reported with a delay or were incorrect. That sometimes affected the Fantasy Fund Manager results.

It goes without saying that this isn’t the quality bar we strive to provide. Hence, the update.
One additional benefit of the change is that we are also using the new provider for some investor wallet features. This makes us double excited!

As always, please let us know if you see any inconsistencies or hiccups!
Cheers, Dirk from Product
Capital at risk. Please invest aware.


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: great news!


Thanks Dirk. I just posted on the bug finder that Gold & another commodity has disappeared. Plus Silver is showing a 97% uptick. This doesn’t fill me with confidence for the new provider.


Yes, @mandrew82002.

The test environment is showing us different values than the real/production environment. We are working on those hick ups and expect them to be fixed today! If it turns out to be a much larger issue we will roll back to the old provider.


Hello Guys,

Further to @DirkofPynk’s update above, I can confirm that the following changes have been made to the Fantasy Fund Manager tool, as of yesterday.

We have removed these assets and re-allocated users’ cash amounts who had held these assets.

Gold GC
Flow Traders
Fonciere Lyonnaise
Royal Bank Of Scotland
S&P 500 Futures

These assets’ tickers and prices have been changed. Their tickers were incorrect with the previous provider, hence why their prices were not correct either. We have updated these assets (with correct tickers and correct prices) and completed the necessary updates for users who have held these assets, for them to see the same current amount and same performance in their fund managers.

Deutsche Telekom
Deutsche Post
3I Group
Anglo American
Ashtead Group
Auto Trader
Coca-Cola Hbc
Flutter Ent
International Airlines
Land Securities
Severn Trent
Smiths Group

We understand that this may have adversely or positively affected some of your Fantasy Fund Managers performance % and would like to apologise for any confusion or inconvenience that this has caused. However, please bear in mind that we are still in a process of Beta with the FFM and no prizes or rewards are at stake at this moment. Once we have, what we believe to be, a fantastic, bug-free product for you to use, we will have some really amazing prizes and rewards for you.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support with reporting bugs and incorrect tickers over the past few months and we hope that you will continue to help us build an amazing product!


Thanks Al, did you miss Copper from that list? As that has also gone from my portfolio.


Could you please check Litecoin please guys?
It seems to be stucked! :grin:


@mandrew82002 When copper reacts, …you get lead. :star_struck: it’s back on (commodities)


Thanks @Tradelta :+1: forwarding now.


Ah witty chemistry gag! You are truly an alchemist! :mage:


Thank you for the clarification
I hope that this problem does not happen in the future

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This is great news. As you know, the new year (2021) is coming and it will be good if innovation is introduced in all parts of the Pynk program.

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